Love Local – Yogi Bears

Cami Barausse is the brains behind Yogi Bears. She is a Durban girl who is changing the world with yoga, one child at a time! Yogi Bears is her way of teaching her love of yoga, to little people, a niche market that really makes a difference.


Tell us a bit about your background in Durban?
I was born and raised in Durban. I’m a daughter to two Italians, sister to two brothers. Currently finishing off my Masters in Genetics and Evolutionary Biology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville campus.


When did you start your business/craft/brand?
In 2010, my matric year, I walked into my first yoga class at my local gym and something clicked that day. Quite frankly, since that class I’ve never stopped. Yoga just made sense. The class was led by a lady by the name of Jen Chapman, whom after that class, I tracked down and found out where her studio was and enrolled myself.  I couldn’t get enough. I’d practice 4-5 times a week. 7 years later now and I still work with Jen who is a very dear friend of mine. It’s just something that had to happen, I guess.


Tell us about your business/craft/brand?
At first, I didn’t really know much about yoga other than it seemed that my body and mind harmonised after each class. In 2014 I had finished my BSc Honours in Biological Sciences. I allowed myself some time to explore yoga in more depth by living in India for two months to practice Ashtanga yoga with Sharath Jois at Shri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI). Perhaps the best way to explain the beginning of my deeper relationship with yoga is to give you an extract from my journal after my last practice at KPJAYI in India in February of 2015.

‘’Initially, I think we are all intrigued by the beauty and elegance of the asanas. More so by how gracefully the advanced practitioners execute them. But for me, yoga is not always this elegant, beautiful practice. On the mat, old wounds are opened, dark corners confronted and sometimes you find yourself in a glimmer of light. For me, these are the gifts of yoga. To me yoga is about digging deep, confronting, acknowledging, accepting and ultimately surrendering to one’s self. My favourite piece of advice I received on this trip was from a friend who told me ‘’ Nothing else matters, as long as you show up’’. I showed up then and I hope to continue to show up’’.

So after India I returned home and started studying towards my Masters in Biological Science. My bond to yoga was burning strong, and I was afforded the opportunity to apprentice under my teacher Jen Chapman. It was during this time that I realised I wanted to share yoga with everyone who wasn’t already doing it, especially children.  Adults are so much more stressed in today’s fast-paced world, with hardly a moment to just be still and breathe. Children imitate this. I do not believe the general school system adequately teaches children how to cope with and manage stress and this is a part of life that they are destined to encounter! My passion ignited when I realised that I wanted to give children the gift that keeps on giving, no matter at what age, background, culture or religion, I wanted to teach children consciousness and how to connect movement to breath. I became excited at the idea of helping children learn how to understand and control their emotions, instead of allowing their emotions to control them and how to become present by simply focusing on their breathing. Teaching a child how to breathe may sound silly at first, but breathing and being conscious of your breath is not the same thing. In times of stress, trauma, excitement or any emotional state, your breath is the one tool you always have to bring you back to the present moment and by becoming mindful of this, you’re able to calm the mind and approach any given situation with a greater sense of rationality and clarity.

Yoga aids in establishing and growing confidence in children through the realisation of both their current abilities as well as their current limitations. By learning to accept and appreciate both their mind and body and through a consistent, conscious and mindful approach, we are able to improve at absolutely anything we set our minds to. This improvement breeds confidence. The human mind is still largely a mystery and is undoubtedly our most powerful tool, so we need to learn to use it with care. Self-confidence grows when we break through barriers we might previously have not thought possible. Yoga is the practice of connecting the mind with the body whereby we don’t only overcome our physical constraints but our mental ones too. Being still, learning to meditate and being truly both present and conscious at the same time, helps to focus a child’s attention on what is important and what is just noise. By learning how to exercise, breathe and meditate, children learn to overcome any fear of limitations, understand the idea of patient acceptance and that by approaching a task diligently and deliberately, anything can be mastered.

With the support of those nearest and dearest to me, and after completing a Kids Yoga Teacher Training, YogiBearsZA was born in 2016. I currently run kids yoga classes in Kloof (Astanga studio), in Westville (Monsoon Wellness) and in Durban North (House of Calm).


What is your favourite thing about your business/craft/brand?
My favourite aspect of teaching kids yoga is their complete lack of ego. They do not care what the person next to them thinks of them. They are just ready to try and do the work without even knowing they are doing it. My favourite moment in a class is when I see a child have their moment of stillness, depending on the age group these moments can last seconds to minutes. But in these moments of stillness the magic happens. The journey inwards begins.


What would you like people to know about your business/craft/brand?
YogiBearsZA’s dream is to get Yoga accepted as part of school curriculum across South Africa. The rest of the world is already doing it, we may be a little slower to catch on, but we are here to make it happen.


What do you love about living and working in Durban?
The weather is such magic and we have so many rad spaces to explore, be it on our coast or in the mountains. I love a good adventure, and Durban definitely fulfils the little adventurer inside of me. What do I love about working in Durban? THE PEOPLE! All the different colours and cultures makes the people the most interesting accepting humans out there.


How can people support you?
We host connection classes which are awesome adventure filled classes for Parent and Child. It is a very special way to play and connect through breath, yoga poses and play. Or share our story with friends that might be interested in bringing their children.


Where can they stalk you on social media?
If you want to follow us you can on Instagram and Facebook.


Yogi Bears Yogi Bears Yogi Bears Yogi Bears Yogi Bears

Yogi Bears Yogi Bears Yogi Bears Yogi Bears Yogi Bears Yogi Bears

Yogi Bears


2018 Intentions

It is officially 2018!!

How did that happen? Although I didn’t have a terrible 2017 like a few of my friends, I’m always happy for a fresh start.

I don’t really like New Year’s Resolutions as they seem to have a negative connotation for people, because they feel so disappointed when they don’t achieve them. So I usually suggest to clients to make just a few attainable goals so they complete the year on a positive note rather.

This year I’ve decided to set a few intentions. Just the word intention feels more positive, doesn’t it? I’m intending to get around to all of them, but if I don’t, the intention was still there. No negatives. It also just feels more natural and intentional (LOL). We set intentions every day without even knowing it.

I must remember to call Sarah
I must book a yoga class
I must write that blog post

So I am setting intentions for the year! I started a list in December and two days into 2018 I have actioned a few already. I am on a good path to complete about 4 already, so I am feeling good! I downloaded this awesome sheet from Fathima and it is now filled in and ready to be ticked off!


My 2018 intentions:

  1. Learn my skills – Book a Lightroom course
  2. Travel somewhere new – Visit Ireland and Wales
  3. Do something exciting – Yoga Retreat in Greece
  4. More downtime – Disconnect from online work
  5. More family – Schedule time away from work
  6. More writing – At least one scheduled hour per week
  7. Eat more clean – Meal prep for the week
  8. Do more walking – 3-6 days per week
  9. Make time to workout – Yoga x2 Walk x3 Gym x3
  10. Read more into yoga – Research and read weekly
  11. Learn to take proper pictures with my camera – Ask friends for help (You know who you are!)
  12. Learn to edit videos – Youtube and ask for help!
  13. Book another corporate client – Word of mouth and promote online
  14. Improve social media – Schedule content, create more content
  15. Be kind – Be aware, help out even more, have good karma



Have you set any intentions? Any I can help you with?


May you all have a happy and healthy 2018!


Connect with me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and keep me updated on your intentions and 2018 ❤️


Need to be Entertained?

You all know I’m a fab of the Entertainer App, and I’ve been using it a few years now. I went to the launch of the 2018 one, and it was SO much fun! I had the best time introducing some friends to this incredible app for their first time. I can’t wait for them to enjoy saving on so many great deals next year.

My favourite part of the launch may have been taking all the photos in the photo booth! You couldn’t pull us away, it was just such fun. Thanks to the KZN Wedding DJ for that!

(Keep reading to the end to see how you could win a Drone, GoPro or Amazon Echo)

Entertainer Entertainer Entertainer Entertainer Entertainer



If you haven’t used The Entertainer before, let me give you a quick rundown!

This amazing app allows you to get 2-4-1 deals on various menus, spa treatments, experiences and hotels in your city. With restaurant deals, for two people you can use one deal, and for four people you can use two deals. If you’re doing a spa treatment, you can either take a friend (and then split the cost), or what I do most of the time is I pay for the first time and then get the next one free! It’s the best! Who doesn’t want half price meals and beauty treatments?!


Use my promo code GIJANE to get entered into the ENTERTAINER draw and you could win one of these awesome prizes:

  • Phantom 4 Drone
  • GoPro Hero 6
  • Amazon Echo

Go check it out:

It’s R100 off the app right now so go get it!


If you want to know how I use my Entertainer App then read this


Love Local – Matt Gardiner

Matt Gardiner is a Durban singer and musician and we thought it was time we all got to know him better!

Tell us a bit about your background in Durban

I have lived in KZN for all but one year of my life. In that year I lived in Pretoria, where I studied Civil Engineering. I only did that for my first year at varsity, because halfway through I wondered what on earth I was doing pursuing something that wasn’t even a dream of mine. That’s when I left to study and play music full time. KZN is such an amazing place to play, and the people here are amazing to play for. I always feel so welcome wherever I go, and I want to have a role in making KZN one of the big music hubs in the country.


When did you start your business/craft/brand?

I started singing when I was about 5. It started as singing along to CD’s in the car, and it progressed to being in choirs, then to karaoke, and finally to actually performing by the time I was in grade 9 in 2011. My first ever gig was actually getting the chance to open up for South African legends, Prime Circle. Walking onto that stage was the moment I realised what I was supposed to do for the rest of my life.


Tell us about your business/craft/brand

I am a one-man-band of sorts with a few different tricks up my sleeve. I use my guitar and voice, along with a looping pedal as well as a kick drum to create a really cool, vibey performance. I play a lot of my own songs and I am ridiculously excited to release my first song and see where this amazing path takes me.


What is your favourite thing about your business/craft/brand?

Yoh, there are so many things I love about being a musician. If I had to pick one, it would have to be that at almost every show I play, people tell me that they felt something while listening to my music. To me that’s the most amazing thing about this, the fact that it’s really not about me, but it’s about every single person who is there listening.


What would you like people to know about your business/craft/brand?

I want people to know that I want to leave my mark on the industry, as well as show people my love for music through what I do. I also want everybody to know that their support of me means more than the world to me, because without them, there is no way I would be where I am today. They’re the reason I get to live out my dream.


What do you love about living and working in Durban?

Definitely the people. The people who come and listen, as well as the other musicians in and around Durban and KZN. They’re just the most amazing people to work with, because we all support each other, and we’re all pretty much family.


How can people support you?

People can support me by doing exactly what they’re doing now. Just by being there and being a part of my musical journey. There’s a song of mine “Sea of faces”, that I’d love people to download and share it with everyone they know. I also have some really cool shirts for sale that my manager Spencer organised for me.


Where can they stalk you on social media?

My Facebook page is just called Matt Gardiner, and my Instagram handle is @matt.s.gardiner

Matt Gardiner                                          Matt Gardiner

Matt Gardiner


Red Bull girls day out

Red Bull treated some of us Durban girls to a fitness morning down by the beach. What a cracker of a day!

We started off with yoga on the beach with SurfSup Yoga, followed by SUP’ing on the Ushaka canals and then breakfast at Surf Rider’s. All in all it was an amazing, active morning which I obviously loved!

Red Bull Red Bull Red Bull Red Bull

So zen and in the moment!

Red Bull

Taking pics of my beautiful girl Nadia!

Red Bull

Squad goals!

Red Bull Red Bull Red Bull Red Bull Red Bull Red Bull

What fun! I feel like a natural

Red Bull Red Bull Red Bull Red Bull Red Bull

Nadia and I decided to jog back!

Red Bull Red Bull

But we had to stop for some selfies… obvs

Red Bull Red Bull


Thanks Red Bull for an awesome morning out!

You can find them on Instagram and Facebook.

Pics by the talented Samora Chapman