Body Shaming 

Body Shaming 

Body shaming has become somewhat of an epidemic these last few months. From high profile people to every day girls screen shooting pictures and sharing them, it is getting out of hand. You can’t be yourself anymore without wondering who is going to mock you or ridicule you on social media. It is rather sad, and scary.

I was watching some fashion week snapchats on the Superbalist account and came across something that made me hold my breath. I actually had to watch it again. Then again and screen shot it to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me. Look, it wasn’t Superbalist or their fault, it was someone who they afforded the opportunity of taking over their snapchat for the fashion event. Still, I was LIVID! How dare someone comment on anything other than the clothing at a fashion event! You are there to cover the FASHION, so do that! No one asked you for your opinion on the men or women’s bodies. We are watching for the fashion, not the form. We really don’t care for your opinion on either really, we just need you to post photos and video so that we can feel like we are at the event and see the fashion.

So when I saw this snap, and the caption that went with it, I literally wanted to punch him through the phone! How dare you write that on that snap? “Look at her body! Now look at yours!!!” With the laughing emoji added for good measure. So we are meant to compare ourselves with a tall, slender model walking the runway in a bikini? What is your point? That because I’m bigger than her that I’m not beautiful? That I should be ashamed? That I am a joke? That this is a joke to you? So real women with curves are not acceptable? Are we a joke to you? So anything over a size 26 is not ok? That a 34 is not ok? That a 38 is not ok? Who made you, a man, the decider of all that is ok with body sizes?


I don’t know how he thought this was funny, at all, but he did. Even though I knew it was a male from watching the snaps, and him introducing himself (and posting his username LOL), I would’ve guessed it anyway. Lately I have seen so many instances where men comment out loud about women’s bodies like we don’t notice it. On the other end of the spectrum, there have been some pretty bitchy women out there body shaming each other publicly. There was that Playboy model Dani Mathers that body shamed a naked woman in the gym changerooms, and caused public outcry. I know for a fact that most gyms have signs up about taking photos and giving people privacy, so why she thought that was ok is beyond me! She was just cruel. People go to the gym to better themselves, and here you are mocking someone and their body because you don’t like looking at it. Well You disgust me!

We just had an incident in South Africa with body shaming in a sense as well. Margaret van Wyk was sending her husband a sneaky sexy picture of her bits via whatsapp since he was out of town. By mistake she sent it to her hockey mothers group instead! Imagine how mortifying that was in itself. She apologised obviously and you could imagine her embarrassment. Someone then took a screen shot, and shared it online! Within hours the picture had gone viral along with her name! The fact that a grown woman, could do this to someone she knows is beyond me! Apparently there can be consequences for the other women as sharing something of this nature is not innocent and it shows intent. I really hope Margaret sues for damages because this is not a silly little prank, her children’s names have been leaked and this is now a safety issue as well. If that whatsapp group only had ten people in it, exclude the victim and it can only be one of 9 people. It won’t be hard to find out who it was. Come on ladies, be better, do better.

Everyone just needs to be nicer! Don’t be a dick.

We are all human. We all have feelings. We all have flaws. The next time you judge someone and think about body shaming them, think about how YOU would feel.


Once I had tweeted about the Superbalist event, they did respond and apologise online. They also deleted that snap. I think this is a big lesson to all brands that allow people to do takeovers. You need to give them a clear brief and brand guidelines. Do’s and Don’ts. They are representing your brand and they should do so with your voice in mind. The same guy was yawning and saying the show was still going on and how he wanted it to be over. You can’t say that on a brand’s social media because that then makes it look like the brand thinks that as well. I hope he learns a valuable lesson in how to treat women, and how to be professional!


Have you seen body shaming you don’t agree with? What are your thoughts?



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  1. August 28, 2016 / 6:32 am

    Gosh, I’ve been struggling with someone constantly telling me how Noah fits in well with our family, because he is big like his mother. This coming from a woman who has a similar body shape to me. I get so mad, I can’t speak to her. Especially when she then tries to make light of it, by laughing. I know I’m a big girl. I’m not satisfied with my size right now. But I’m starting to take the necessary steps to change. And I really don’t need any judgement. All that does is make me look for comfort in the wrong places…come on people! Surely there is more to life?

    • GI_Jane
      August 28, 2016 / 7:21 am

      That is so rude! I can’t believe that she does that. You should retort back next time and see how she feels. They say these things to make themselves feel better but I would say it back to her so she feels what it feels like. “Or he could’ve fitted in with you too”
      I don’t know why people need to be mean and mock people. I’m pretty sure everyone has a mirror and is trying to do their best, exactly as you say. I’m sorry you have to deal with people like her. You are far superior!

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