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Lately the popularity of obstacle races have sky rocketed! It is all over facebook and you will notice many of your friends entering what looks like navy seal training… It looks scary and fun at the same time!

The Warrior Race is such a popular one. We came across a few friends that have been taking part so we popped along to their website to check it out.

Most people are asking What is obstacle racing?
Obstacle racing is basically an off-road run that takes place in a field area, where a trail and man-made obstacles are set up in order to challenge you. They also incorporate natural obstacles such as hills, ravines etc as part of the course. There are many different obstacles such as mud pits, wooden walls, jumps off high platforms (hope you’re not scared of heights), cargo nets, water, and crawling under a net of some sort.

The Warrior race has grown very quickly and there are currently 8 events in a year!
The event tends to be held over two days, Saturday and Sunday, because of the vast amounts of entrants.

Don’t fret, there are different options for you to choose. Not everyone is expected to do it Gi Jane style 😉
Even the kiddies can get involved!
Brats is 500m-1km featuring 8 obstacles
Rookie is 6-8km featuring 15 obstacles
Black-ops is 18-21km featuring a whopping 30 obstacles! That is definitely a test of strength, physically and mentally!

There are minimum age requirements for the races. These are: 5-9 years for brats, from 10 years for rookies and from 19 years for black-ops

You can decide if you want to do it as an individual or in a team. The Brats Race is for individuals only. Teams can have 2-8 members and a mix of men and women if you like.

Enter online at only!

An exciting addition to the Warrior race is the National Championship! This sees the top 100 solo participants in each of the first 6 series events qualifying to take part in this prestigious event. This is definitely one to watch! The fittest of the fit!

So if you are looking to do something fun, challenging and athletic… Become a Warrior!
Visit their website Here


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