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Usually fitness friday is about someone or something local, but today I wanted to talk about this amazing woman standing up for plus size girls! I’m always promoting health and wellness, obviously, but I also believe we shouldn’t be fat shaming people and having double standards.
If someone has worked hard to lose 10/20/30kg’s and is still a bit big, who cares? Do you know how hard it is to lose 10/20/30kg’s? I know how hard the 10kg’s are, so I can only imagine 20+. I have had clients that have cried their way to 25kg’s weight loss, I have seen it first hand. It is NOT easy. But it is worth it. So why would you belittle a person for posting a pic you don’t like?

I heard about this girl who posted a butt selfie and instagram took it down. I saw the pic on twitter and thought “But that’s not bad. She’s wearing underwear!” And I didn’t go in to it any further, until this morning when Keri from Midlands Musings posted about it this morning. I then followed her advice and watched the video. LOVE this girl!

It really is unfair for smaller girls to be allowed to be practically naked and in their bikini-competition-barely-covering-their-crack bikini G-strings and no one reports it. But let the girl be over a size 36 and then there are problems! Get over yourself. This chick has more confidence than you and I put together, and she still rocks it! She has lost a ton of weight, and is proud of her new body, so let her be!

Keri tweeted about the cover models on MC magazine being sickly thin the other day and I totally agreed with her. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO LOOK CLOSE TO DEATH? They were emaciated. Yes, photoshop was probably used on every inch of them, but come on! We don’tWANT to look like that. Do we really want to look like we haven’t eaten in 2 years? NO!
So stop shoving it down our throats. There are girls that are naturally thin, you are obviously different. These naturally thin girls WANT to put on muscle. I’ve had a few come through my doors. They so badly want to look healthy and put ON weight, and it’s hard! They have to eat a lot, and work really hard to put on even a kg. But, they do it. These other girls who try to get thin by not eating, it is just so unhealthy. The magazines should be promoting health, especially among their target markets of the younger girls who are more impressionable. This is why I don’t buy fashion magazines, I would rather get a fitness magazine, where the girls actually lift weights and are healthy. I even go so far as to spend way more than I should, and I subscribe to an overseas magazine, Oxygen because the women are more muscular and not stick thin. I love these fit moms that work out and have a booty! I don’t want to look like a stick thin model who’s ass is so flat because she doesn’t work out.
Please eat something.
Please do some squats.

Meghan has a really perky butt! She obviously works out. So why shame someone who has A. worked hard to lose weight, B. Has a perfectly lovely butt and C. She was more covered up than Kim Kardashian’s butt on a normal day! Double standards. Not cool.

I think we all need to change the way we think on social media, and stop commenting on someone’s pic in a negative way. It’s THEIR account, if you don’t like it, hit the unfollow button! I have seen such racist, disturbing, violent comments on people’s accounts. It is sick. Someone basically told Kelly Osbourne she is a disgusting fat pig and they were going to kill her. REALLY??? Are you that psychologically tainted that you need to resort to violence or say that you will? If you don’t like her stop following her!

I love the fact that Meghan actually got Instagram to repost her butt pic AND apologise! YOU GO GIRL!

Here is her video CLICK IT!

What do you think? I went through her Instagram and didn’t take offence to anything! And her voice is amazing too!



Her old blog about her weight loss is very real! View it Here

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  1. May 30, 2014 / 3:06 pm

    This is so touching, like… I can’t even comment. You took the words out of my mouth 🙂 We all need to stand up for issues like this.

    • May 30, 2014 / 3:18 pm

      Thanks Hun 🙂 We do don’t we! My friend at wrote one too and got a shocking comment. We should be lifting each other up not tearing each other down xx

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