Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday

We featured a fitness app recently that we really love, and now we’re sharing a fab app that works hand in hand with MyFitnessPal. Introducing RunKeeper.

I first saw this app on my friend Keri’s instagram. She’s been using it to track her walks and runs every day and it looked so fun! You can even put a back drop photo on it, which I love. Go check out her Instagram to see her awesome fitness pics and how she uses her RunKeeper.

I love the fact that you can use this app to track your distance and route whilst doing your cardio. It’s so handy using your phone, since most of us tend to listen to music on our phone anyway!

You can sync your MyFitnessPal to the app too, so that when you do your cardio it will add it to your cardio output and minus the calories from your food for the day! How handy?

Download it from your app store for free, you know you want to!





Fitness Friday is sponsored by Vit Hit. SA’s diabetic friendly drink!



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