Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday

I am VERY excited about today’s Fitness Friday subject! My friend Kate has always been into health, wellness and fitness, but this past year she has just FLOWN! I really have enjoyed watching her transition from road running to trail running and doing SO well!

Introducing Kate Deary-Henning:

1. How did you get into Trail running?
I have always enjoyed running, more so on road until recently when I made the transition to trail. Towards the end of last year when there weren’t many road races on the go so I decided to tag along with some friends & give a little 10km trail run a bash. From then on I was hooked!

2. What is a training week like for you?
I work a full time job but in between this I train 6 days a week, I do take 1 day off. For me I feel it’s important to rest & recover! My sessions can vary anywhere between 1hr to 3.5 hours long and include quite a comprehensive mix up of runs & cross training.

3. Where is your favourite trail?
My favourite trails have to be over & around Table Mountain in Cape Town! It’s beautiful out there! 1 run has so many terrain variances! One minute you’re on jeep track, the next you’re running through forests across waterfalls, climbing up steep rocky technical sections….it has the works!

4. Where has been your favourite trail race so far?
I was very fortunate enough to be sponsored an entry to the Crazy Store Table Mountain Challenge which I raced two weeks ago. It was my first 40km trail race so a big challenge for me. The race took us over and around the entire mountain. Although this was to date the toughest race I have done, the scenery was out of this world & made it all the more rewarding!! They also threw in some tricks & surprises at us along the route. We had giant hairy gorillas jumping out of bushes & a jumping castle obstacle station to manoeuvre before crossing the finish line. Great fun!
I ended off as 4th Elite lady home & 6th lady overall so there is work to be done but nonetheless I learnt a lot & was pleased with my first attempt & to finish.

5. What has been your best achievement so far?
I am still very new to trail running so up to this point most of my races have been around the 20km mark.
My best achievement this year was 1st place in Crazy Store – valley of 1000 Hills 20km Challenge which then allowed me the entry to Crazy Store Table mountain challenge. With all trails a podium position is just a bonus, being outdoors experiencing nature & different scenery is the ultimate win! To add to this I have met such incredible people, the trail community is quite humbling & really like no other!

6. What are your future plans & goals?
Once I am well rested & recovered from TMC I aim to focus on increasing my mileage and start taking on some bigger, longer races.
My next race I have lined up is The Golden Gate Challenge in October. It will be my first multi day trail race. It runs over 3 days during which the runners cover 29km, 27km & 17km distances. The elevation gain per day is around 2200m so loads of climbing & high altitudes are going to make this one tough! I’m really looking forward to it!

7. You recently transitioned to a vegan lifestyle. Tell us about why and how you made that switch.
Although most of my recipes I make are vegan I have not made a full transition to vegan. I follow a pescetarian diet as I do still include fish, eggs & dairy. If I think back to when I ate meat I generally felt very tired & sluggish most days. I decided to give the “no meat” way of life a try to see if it made any difference. Haven’t looked back since! I now have far more energy and don’t get that overwhelming sense of fatigue anymore.

8. You recently started a blog. What made you decide to start one? And where do you find your inspiration?
Yes I did 🙂
The reason I started this blog was mainly due to the request of others. Posting my food pics on Instagram created a bit of interest. People started asking me to email the recipes which was quite a job as the recipes were mostly in my head. My blog now makes it so simple to share them with everyone & I consider it an added bonus that I now have all my recipes in 1 spot for when I want to remake them.
I’d like to think of myself as quite a healthy person. I enjoy sharing my findings & recipes with others, encouraging them to follow a healthier lifestyle. My inspiration comes from so many places…books, blogs, healthy food fanatic friends, “bad” meals which I change up into healthy versions. Most of my recipes involve little to no cooking, contain no sugar, gluten or wheat and most importantly are very quick and easy to whip up. Time is precious to us all and we don’t want to spend beautiful summer days slaving in the kitchen when there are trails to be run and loved ones to spend time with!

9. 3 Things we don’t know about you?
I love bunnies!
I HAVE to keep my trail shoes sparkly clean at all times! (I get teased for this constantly! 🙂 )
Part time retail therapist !! (But what girl isn’t 😉 )

10. What is your favourite recipe so far?
My ultimate recipe so far has got to be the Peanut Butter Choc-chip Cookie Sandwich!! It’s too delicious everyone HAS to try it at least once! Go check it out on my blog under snacks or desserts.

11. Where can we find your blog? And Instagram

My blog can be found Here
Instagram page (where I post a lot of food & trail pics) Here
I also have a facebook page which you can go and like (if you like): Here

Feel free to send feedback & comments on recipes you have tried and tested! I’d love to hear from everyone! 🙂

There you have it! Go follow this pretty lady….










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