Getting to know Candice Courtney 

Getting to know Candice Courtney 

Candice and I go way back. I mean waaaaaay way back, as in senior primary school!
We all know how I love my sweet things, so lucky me that my friend opened the most delicious cafe ever! I am sure you’ve noticed I frequent it for coffee, a lot. I have even been asked if I have shares in the place, but I don’t, I just love their coffee, their space and their staff. Candice is one of the nicest and most generous people you will meet. She is so hard working, I actually don’t know the last time she had a day off, but I am guessing it was before she opened the cafe! She is a devoted wife, mother and business woman. If you haven’t been to So Whipped or tried their delicious baked goods, you should!

Lets get to know Candice Courtney:


What is your chosen form of exercise?
Hahaha! What exercise? I guess I get my super arms from beating eggs and cream for our cupcakes, and my legs and bum from running around the kitchen all day. 😉 I also have two busy little boys that keep me on my toes. The truth is I’d LOVE to go to gym again, it’s the first year of my business entering the retail market and I have worked pretty much every day for the past 11 months to make sure that everything is perfect.
There really hasn’t been me time. Next year will be different.


What does your way of healthy eating look like?
CUPCAKES! Jokes, I eat whatever I want, I believe everything in moderation. That said, I try to stick to whole foods and have dropped my sugar intake substantially, I feel stronger and less dependant on sugar now. Just cutting sugar out of tea and coffee and not drinking soft drinks has changed my energy levels.


What is your passion project?
Well, Im passionate about food and people and how food brings people together. My heart is to finally help others in rural areas to start up their own businesses. Small business is the answer to poverty, South Africa’s job crisis, & our education issues. Solve these and you then in turn solve a WHOLE lot more issues.


What does a typical day look like for you?
We as a family wake up to my hubby bringing us all something to drink. I’ve started drinking lemon in water. It’s so good for you, it helps you lose weight and its really good for the body’s PH balance. We frantically bath & dress kids for school, my hubby drops them off and I leave for the cafe at Gateway! I normally arrive and my staff are normally baking up a storm to prep for the day, you see, my cafe is the ultimate cheat day! The best coffee in Gateway and amazing Cake to match. It is all absolutely worth the cheat. There’s nothing more irritating than biting into a carb filled, fat filled, sugar filled item and it tastes terrible. It’s just not worth the calories! You feel cheated! Well at least I do. We use really expensive, good quality ingredients.

Once the goodies are out and displayed, I am normally working with fondant or edible paper flowers, prepping for our bespoke orders. We make celebration cakes, mainly wedding cakes, and this is the side where I get my creative on. This is an all day project, beautiful cakes take time, so I’ll normally leave the cafe after 6/7pm (at least) after finishing the cakes for the day. 🙂 In between, friends and family pop by to say hi and customers want to chat about their upcoming events.
Get home and dinner is made by my fabulous hubby! It’s normally VERY healthy, he LOVES his veg. We eat together as a family, I then bath the kids and put them to sleep. Spend some time with hubby, try to catch up on admin and then it repeats again the next day. 😉 Being an entrepreneur is not for sissies. Its hard work, it’s a season and will pay off.


What would you like people to know about you?
Ooooh, I have no idea. I love people, I love food.


What would you like people to know about your work/business?
Our cafe prides itself on amazing cake and even better coffee. Our coffee is organic, it also happens to be the top two percentile of quality bean in the world. The merchant is also very focused on building from grassroots, so they pay the farmers extremely well and help them manage their money so that they set up schools, clinics etc.

From our side, our entire cafe is recycled, reused, refurbished & green. We LOVE our South African land and do our best to not harm it, we buy local (where we can).
We try to cater to all tastes, vegetarian, banting (gluten free & sugar free), the chocoholic, red velvet fanatic, the nutella nutter etc etc.


Favourite workout song?
Well lets not call it a workout song 😉 Lets call it my favourite song to work to? ;P


Favourite exercise and why?
What is the question? 😉 Whippin? Hahaha!!! Whip it, whip it good! 😉


Favourite quote/advice?

“Make a person feel like they belong and they will NEVER leave.”

(this is my personal little revelation.)


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