Gi Jane in South Korea: Day three 

Gi Jane in South Korea: Day three 

So after a very lavish affair we were all pretty excited for day three of our exciting tour in South Korea!

After our usual croissant breakfast, we were ready to set off on a tour of Kia’s Hwaseong plant. We were SO excited to go see where all of our amazing cars were made. I don’t think I had imagined it would be so big. It was massive. To think this is just one of their factories. This is the second biggest automobile plant in Korea. We were treated to an introduction and history of the Hwaseong Plant and taken on a tour through the production assembly line. It was so fascinating seeing men actually putting in certain parts in the assembly line. They have something like 70secs (if memory serves me) to put their part on before it travels on to the next person. It was super cool! There are also these amazing robots that go around doing certain parts as well. I feel like that is definitely the future right there. Seeing how much care they take with each car, and watching them take each car out and test drive it, makes you so aware of everything that goes into the vehicle we use every day. They have a whole track outside with various obstacles that we could encounter each day and they test each car there. These range from cones to test the breaks, to pot holes to water and so many more. I didn’t expect a lot of them when we were in the back of a car testing it out, which is evident in the video I took! Be sure to watch it on youtube because it is HILARIOUS! I totally had the nervous giggles. You’re then taken on a 3km track which goes around the testing area and it curves on the sides like the Daytona track. We went SO fast I actually felt ill, again check the video for that one! It was so fun going in the cars and testing out the various elements.

dsc07227 dsc07218 dsc07219 Kia

dsc07231 dsc07232 dsc07233 Kia

dsc07242 Kia


For me a highlight was obviously seeing and sitting in the new Sportage, which launches soon! I have been wanting a Sportage since I was 16, and had decided that this is the one I want. So it was very exciting for me! I am sure you can see by my huge smile. I love the sporty shape and the fact that it’s bum matches mine 😉 It was also cool to see the Sedan cars that we unfortunately won’t get here. They are SO fancy inside with so many features, that for the price of a BMW or a little above, it really puts them to shame! But sadly, we won’t be getting them here.

dsc07249 dsc07256 img_1062    img_1063img_1073 Kia Sportage

We had lunch at the Hwaseong Plant with awesome views looking out over the area. While we were sitting there we started planning a little shopping adventure to town for the Friday because FOREVER21! We kind of mapped out the journey, but I’ll leave that story for Day 5 😉

img_1042 img_1045 img_1048 img_1049


After lunch we headed to do the Hyundai Steel Tour. This factory is located in Chungcheongnam-do, Dangjin. We got to tour the factory that produces the steel plate components for Kia Motors, and had an introduction of Hyundai’s iron manufacturing history and witnessed the steel production process. Let me just say, that steel gets HOT! We were quite far away, walking above, and you could FEEL the heat. It was red hot and the heat given off was insane. It made you sweat straight away. It was so interesting seeing how they heat and then cool it with water, and then it gets rolled out and they repeat that until its this looooooong flat metal sheet. Quite impressive!

dsc07268 dsc07270



Straight from there we went for a special dinner at Samwon Garden. This was a traditional Korean barbecue. Me and cooking meat, not amazing, so luckily the waitress comes around and turns it for you, so that was a help! It was so good though. You end up putting all of your toppings into a lettuce leaf and making a little parcel and eating it like that. I even did a little Kimchee (Kimchi) in some of my parcels! Kimchee (has other spellings too) is a traditional fermented Korean dish made of vegetables with different seasonings. Basically it is their staple food in Winter when the frost would wipe out their crops. They can make it in Summer and it ferments and is ready for Winter. It has quite a strong smell, and can be very garlicky, so many homes would have a whole fridge dedicated to Kimchee. Nation was loving the Kimchee!

Kia img_1084






After dinner we headed back to the hotel to chill. I showered, washed my hair and got into my onesie to chill. Then all of a sudden a message on our whatsapp group. Please imagine me in my onesie, with a towel wrapped on my head, in the bed about to watch tv. Oh no, the boys were heading to the mall and I should come, if I feel like it. Obviously it was the furtherest thing from my mind, but then again you are in South Korea. I threw on some clothes and went out with my hair SOPPING. It was against everything we have ever been taught, and I looked ridiculous, but I got a second wind and even did dancer leaps across the zebra crossing. The looks we got were priceless! Sorry boys 😉 We walked around, and saw some amazing shops, Gavin got some coffee (of course) and I got some Krispy Kreme donuts (of course). It was so fun to just get out with the guys and walk around chatting and having a laugh.


If you haven’t watched the video of day 3 watch it here!


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