Greece Travel Tips

Greece travel tips

Since I went to Greece, I learnt so much and wanted to share my Greece Travel tips with all of you!

The exciting part is planning the trip. The scary part is having to pack! With these Greece travel tips you will be a little bit more prepared on the packing side.


  • Pack light. Like 10kgs light. You WILL reuse outfits and wear one a day. You’re so busy you don’t change.
  • Wear slops but have trainers in a back pack and vice versa
  • The beaches are pebbles so slops or even cheap rock shoe slip ons if you like
  • Lots of sunscreen
  • Pack a long sleeve top to take to the beach etc for when you’re sunburnt and want to get away from the sun. I roasted on the back of an ATV and eventually put my denim jacket on! So a thin long sleeve T-shirt will do
  • Cap and a big floppy hat
  • I would pack a small travel umbrella to escape the sun. Especially when you’re waiting for buses on the side of the road
  • Try pack cotton clothes so you don’t sweat too much. My dresses and jumpsuits were all cotton for this reason
  • Definitely pack a pair of leggings and a comfy top. Travel in this and then just wash as you need to.
  • Pack one bikini and one full costume.
  • Pack outfits that you can mix and match. So one top can be used with two different pants and a skirt.
  • Wash as you go. I get great travel washing powder strips from Dischem. They last the whole trip and I just wash underwear, tops, socks and pants in the sink and they dry overnight or two days max.
  • Trainers are a must. And slops. And a pair of cute sandals. That’s all! Leave your heels at home. You are not a hero.

Greece travel tips


  • Luggage wise, don’t do a normal wheelie bag. The roads are not smooth and you will grate your wheels and even lose one! If you do use a wheelie one, make sure it’s one of those duffle types that have straps so you can use it as a back pack, that’s what I did.
  • My luggage was 13kgs and my yoga mat makes 3kgs so 16kgs total. I can manage that on my back but not everyone can. I had the option of using my yoga mat as hand luggage but I didn’t need to at that stage. A backpack travel bag is ideal. And 10kgs max. Honestly you will pack too much. So Make sure you take out items at your final pack. I packed light and could’ve taken out. But because I was doing one week touring and one week Yoga I needed to pack yoga pants, tops, mat and sports crops. If I wasn’t doing the yoga I easily would’ve had 8/9kgs of luggage.
  • Do not use wheelie hand luggage. Especially not wheel bag AND wheel hand luggage. You will hate your life! Basically use luggage as if you’re back packing through Thailand. Because you will be backpacking. Km’s up hills and uneven roads.

Greece Travel Tips Greece Travel Tips

Getting around:

  • The bus is your cheapest option and they’re generally on time. Keep your coins and small notes for the buses.
  • The ferry is a great way to get to the islands. We took one from Mykonos to Santorini because flying the same route would mean Mykonos-Athens-Santorini, so we just did a ferry direct in 3:30mins. We used the fast ferry and you book online in advance.
  • Hire an ATV or small car. We got an ATV for €35 for a day and did half of Santorini! It was amazing! It saves a lot of time and walking. We got to stop at spots that the bus wouldn’t. As a female on your own, it can be daunting but I think I could do it alone too.

Greece Travel Tips Greece Travel Tips

Food and drinks:

  • I’m quite thrifty and I can’t pay R100 for a coffee, so I have one every few days, but I take cappuccino sachets for when I crave one but can’t have it! They are SO unhealthy, and I won’t have them at home but traveling you’re forgiven! Our Mykonos hotel didn’t have a kettle in our room so we asked for hot water from the bar and then mixed them in our room or at breakfast. I also pack pronutro and have that for one meal so you’re saving R100+ a day on food. I did it in the UK and I saved R150 per day over 3 weeks!
  • If your breakfast is included at the hotel, you can stock up for the day and get away with having a late lunch/early dinner. But make sure you visit restaurants that are local and authentic and a bit off the tourist path as they are much cheaper!
  • We ate a gyro every day because they were the most filling, delicious and cheapest!

Greece Travel Tips Greece Travel Tips


  • If you forget your hat or can’t be bothered to pack one, there are plenty around! Especially in Santorini! You can buy any hat you desire.
  • Always buy your water etc from the little supermarkets, as they are a lot cheaper.
  • If you’re trying to save money, buy your drinks from the supermarket and then go find your view to have sundowners. Its very expensive to go have drinks at the restaurants and bars, so if you want to save money and be a bit different at the same time, this is a must!

Picking a hotel:

  • Our hotel came with free hotel transfer and free breakfast in Mykonos. That was a game changer!
  • Pick a hotel that is easy to find. Read the reviews. If they same there was no street name and hard to find, don’t book it! Our Mykonos hotel was incredible! Our Athens one was easy to find and our Santorini one was easy to find but a bit further out of town than we’d like.
  • Always read how far the hotel is to where you want to go. Ours said it was a short walk from the town in Santorini but it was 1.3km with luggage! So that was not ideal. We would’ve preferred something closer to Fira town for that reason as the bus station is there. If you hire an ATV then it’s not a problem because you’ll get around quicker.

Greece Travel Tips

Getting online:

  • Get a SIM card when you get there. I relied on WiFi a few days and went to Cosmote to get a sim but their deal was only 7days and not ideal. I walked down the Main Street in Athens where I was staying and a girl from Vodaphone was selling data sims! €13 for 20gb!!! And it lasts a month. It was a game changer. I take my old iPhone traveling and pop the sim in there so I have google maps etc and can hotspot my phone when I’m not in WiFi. I highly recommend that if you have an old one lying around.

That is most of my tips! If you have any Greece travel tips to add let me know!

Happy Travelling



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