Healthy Eating Guidelines

Here are some very basic guidelines if you want to change your lifestyle…

Eat breakfast like a Queen, lunch like a princess and dinner like a pauper!  Breakfast needs to be your biggest meal as it sets you up for the whole day. People skip breakfast thinking it saves calories and won’t have an effect on their body, but that is totally wrong! Without breakfast, your metabolism slows down and it sets you up for failure at lunch, as by then you will be ravenous and eat everything in site!

Eat a small snack at 10.00 am and 15.00 pm to keep your blood sugar levels even. This will help prevent overindulgence at lunch and dinner, and you will be more able to control cravings as you will not be hungry. Good options include a small fat free yoghurt and a portion of fruit, or a piece of low GI toast with fat free cottage cheese, or 6-10 unsalted raw almonds.

If you are serious about losing the weight, cut out all sugary soft drinks, alcohol and cigarettes for at least one month to see results quickly.

Don’t think that fruit juice is a good alternative to whole fruit. Fruit juice lacks the fibre that whole fruit has which helps keep you fuller for longer. Rather rely on water for hydration, keeping it flavoursome with mint and lemon

In order to stick to your clean eating and not be tempted to buy from the local take away, always prepare your lunch and snacks the night before and take them to work in your mini cooler bag.

Don’t restrict your carbs, a common misconception is to restrict your carbohydrate intake too severely in an effort to lose weight. This leaves you feeling lethargic as we need carbohydrates for energy. You should however, make good carbohydrate choices, such as low glycaemic index carbs (Low GI) earlier in the day, when you need more energy.

Swop all full fat or low fat dairy products for skim or fat free products, just watch out for hidden sugars!

Eat less red meat, substitute red meats for leaner meat such as turkey, chicken breast, fish and ostrich

If you must have an alcoholic drink, rather choose whisky and soda or a dry white wine spritzer made with sparkling water, rather than a fruity cocktail, as these are high calorie drinks.

No one expects you to be a robot! But eat really well during the week, and allow yourself a cheat meal on a Sunday. This allows you to have what you have been craving but without going overboard and eating all the calories you have been working hard getting off in the gym!


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