Run On

It’s been a VERY long 14 months since I injured my foot last year, and I haven’t run on it since. I’ve been very very pissed sad about this fact. So now that I’ve been out of the moon boot for a month I decided to take advantage of the public holiday and hit the beach with my friend and old running buddy, Bhav. Well, it was THE most spectacular morning!! Waking up at 6:30am on a public holiday is probably not your idea of fun, but it was a very exciting hop-out-of-bed morning for me!

We started our maiden voyage at about 7:30 am and it was magical. No pain in sight! I MANAGED 4KM!!!! I mean for not running for 14 months I think I’m a bit of a rockstar….
I’ll try do a 5k by Sunday and then ease into doing an extra 500m a week if I can. Slowly does it… Don’t want another moon boot episode. EVER!
We stopped off for coffee after at our new favourite place, Afro’s chicken. They have such amazing coffee! And chicken burgers, strips, bacon and egg rolls. And they open early morning, bonus!

It was the perfect morning….

Beach bootcamp anyone?









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