Secret Sunrise comes to Durban

Secret Sunrise comes to Durban

Welcome to the guided dance which celebrates the morning sunrise. Instructors, silent headphones and the most epic way to start a day in the 21st century. Secret Sunrise is here!

I am super excited to announce that I am the franchisee for Secret Sunrise in Durban! This has been such a fun project for me, I am loving it so much.


Dance  jane 4

Jane 2 jane 5

Secret Sunrises are a gathering of like minded individuals who are not scared of radical self expression, movement, love, connection… and to make the time to celebrate the rising sun.

We believe the city is our playground, it is our duty to make it whatever we want it to be. So Secret Sunrise venues are kept a secret until the last minute. Each venue inspires, brings magic people and combined with wireless headphones allows us the safe space to be free as we connect with ourselves, others, the sun, and dance.

The session starts off with a slow section which encourages mindfulness, self thought and relaxation. From there we move onto the groove. This section is all about funky dance moves and shaking it all off. From there we speed up to the horse power section, this is all dance dance dance! We then wind back down to groove and then end off again with the spirit section. Every sunrise is different and so is every playlist. We change venues every time, and only let you know the exact location the day before. You’re told the area when buying tickets so you know if its within your travel region, but some secrets are needed to keep the suspense 😉

jane 6

jane 3

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Tomorrow is an AMAZING venue, Virginia Airport! Who wouldn’t want to dance the sun up right next to the runway?

There are 10 tickets left, so fly over to Quicket to get yours now!

If Saturdays suit you more, check out the Saturday event here.

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