Adidas Boosts Bloggers 

Adidas believes that there should be more sports bloggers in South Africa, and they want to help it happen. They chose 10 people to attend a blogger workshop at Adidas HQ in Cape Town. Myself and countless others from Joburg had the awesome experience of being flown to Cape Town for the day. It was such an amazing experience!

We learnt so many interesting things from those that are in the industry and have so much experience. It’s always great learning new things that you didn’t know before, or looking at something with a fresh perspective. They started from the bottom and explained everything all the way up to monetising your blog. I enjoyed every single talk and interacting with all of the attendees. We have such diverse talent in this country and it needs to be tapped into. I am so excited to start doing more sport blogging as well as my fitness and lifestyle. With my background it goes hand in hand and really compliments what I am already doing, so I have a renewed creative vision and motivation to go forward!

Thank you for the amazing experience Adidas, as well as helping for the friendships I made on the day as well. Nikki and I have already started plotting some adventures together 🙂


The best early morning smile!


The incredible Letshego Zulu


The lovely Khethiwe Mlangeni



We learnt so much from Aqeelah Harron


With Nikki Melless


So true!


Thank you for all the Adidas spoils!


Adidas put together a video of our day with them:


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I’ll be sharing some pictures of my amazing Adidas trainers really soon 🙂


Monday Motivation 

Our Monday Motivation this week is quite fitting for our new 21 day challenge! In the next 21 days we are all going to have to take this advice. Go with the flow, not against it.

If you want something bad enough, you’ll fight for it. So go out there and fight for it. Don’t fight against it. Don’t make excuses. Don’t give yourself the leeway to wonder if you should do that workout today or have that coffee. If you set those goals, then go do it. Put the work in.

Your life is not a lottery. You make the decisions. You have the control. So stick to it!

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How to survive the holidays 

I keep getting asked “How do I survive the holidays and not put on tons of weight?”
So I thought I would just give you all some basic guidelines to help you along in this time of need!

People are so used to their daily routine of work and working out, that when the holidays come up they tend to start panicking. Most people know that they won’t put in as much effort, or be able to eat exactly as they would at home, but they also don’t want to undo all the hard work they have done throughout the year.


FYI, your body doesn’t know it’s on holiday. So keep exercising and keep in your movement routine as much as possible. Your body is a machine and responds to demands, so make some demands and it will! A holiday is about relaxing, but its also about staying healthy.


You don’t need to be doing an hour a day, you can do 20-30 minutes and still be active enough to maintain your fitness. That being said, your diet can’t be chocolate and burgers every day or you really will need two hours!

Simple tips and tricks:

  • Get a workout in as soon as you’re up in the morning.
  • Go for a run, walk or swim depending where you are.
  • Do a bodyweight circuit, you really don’t need any equipment.
  • Eat a little lean as much as you can, and use your Christmas meal as your cheat meal that week! You do it weekly anyway, so why should it be any different?
  • If you have a fitbit or alike, then use it daily to get in your 10 000 steps and set a calorie goal
  • You can use a calorie tracker like MyFitness pal or MyFatSecret (Tacky name I know) to track your calories in the day so you’re not going over.

We all love our creature comforts and routine of going to the gym, but how nice is it to just do something different and out of the ordinary? Holidays are about being adventurous, so why not be adventurous with your training?


Most people are rounding off work today and that means they’re heading out for some cocktails to put them in the holiday mood! You need to set some limits and know your goals. Obviously if you want to be chugging 4 cocktails a day you really aren’t going to be happy at the end of it (and neither will your head). So maybe have one cocktail then switch to whiskey for example. Just make small sacrifices for this short period of time. You will still be feeling festive and indulging more than usual, but you’ll be happier knowing you are making healthy-ish changes that won’t ruin all of your hard work.

“Earn it or pay for it” as Andrea Orbeck says. Pick your cheats.
If you want wine and dessert, then your dinner should be light and not include chips but rather a salad.


Get out there in the fresh air and be active. 20-30 minutes is really not a lot of time in a day, and your body will love it. You’ll have energy for the day and sleep better that night. If you’ve put in the effort to get to this point, don’t ruin it over a holiday.

There are plenty of HIIT bodyweight circuits on youtube, we all have no excuse really!


Here are some workouts I love for travelling:









How do you stay fit in the holidays? Share your best tips!


Happy Holidays!




Fashion Friday with Fayinthemaze

What are you looking forward to wearing most now that it’s warmer?

I must admit I really enjoy winter fashion. I love the boots, wearing jackets and really liked all the long cardigans and knits. Now that it’s warmer I’m looking forward to dresses and skirts. Even though it’s always difficult for me to find my length.


What are your favourite accessories right now?

My favourite accessories will always be rings. Right now I like the signet ring that is trending. I am also loving vertical drop necklaces, long drop pendants and layering quirky, thinner necklaces.


What trend are you most looking forward to?

Most looking forward to the utility/ urban safari trend. The neutral palette paired with bold African and exotic prints. I’m looking forward to incorporating more shades of green into my wardrobe. I’m not always comfortable with dark, army green but perhaps mint, teal and emerald green.


What trend do you want to stay?

I’m hoping the military/ army look sticks around, It would be great heading back in Autumn too.I never thought I would be into the fringing trend that is so big right now, I realised that I really love it in small doses or just restricted to accessories. Fringing is also as 70s as I’m prepared to go right now, really not looking forward to a resurgence of bell bottoms and sleeves. So fringe can stay too, it’s my compromise.


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Getting to know Robyn Thomas 

Robyn Thomas is a blogger that is all about inspiring you to be the best version of yourself. I am all about that! We need to be kinder to other women, and ourselves, and that is the message she gets across. Be inspired and enjoy the beautiful life you have in front of you. It was such a pleasure getting to know her.

Lets get to know Robyn Thomas:


What does healthy mean to you?
To me, being healthy means being free from illness, exhaustion, and stress.


What is your chosen form of exercise?
Kickboxing. I’ve been training at Fighterz Inc for the past few months and have really fallen in love with the sport.


What does your way of healthy eating look like?
I eat according to my blood type: B+. It seems a bit extreme but it really helps to know which foods agree with my body and what I should avoid, especially for my skin and unnecessary weight gain. Typical food to avoid is chicken, coconut, peanuts and shell fish, while red meat, olive oil, kidney beans, and pineapple are fine for example.


What is your passion project?
Visiting a different city every year.


What does a typical day look like for you?
I spend most of my day writing for various travel and hospitality brands.


What would you like people to know about you?
I can be described as a Cape Ruby Port of wines with soft, sweet top notes and bold undertones. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll know exactly what I’m like.


What would you like people to know about your work/business?  
It is a lifestyle blog founded on my mission to live well, and has developed into a platform where people who aspire for a fulfilled life, may be inspired.


Favourite exercise and why?
Sit-ups. I have some ab goals right now and it’s the best workout that doesn’t remotely affect driving.


Favourite workout song? Locked up by Larcy 😀 


Favourite quote/advice?

“To those whom much is given, much is required.” – Luke 12:48


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