How daring are you? Its time for the Daredevil Run!

Be prepared to spot a Speedo-clad Daredevil or a few hundred as they take over Durban roads on Friday afternoon, are you ready?


Things are going to get heated in Durban on Friday as the city’s most daring men prepare to run cancer outta town at the Hollard Daredevil Run. The Run aims to raise awareness of male cancers and the importance of early detection by encouraging men of all ages, shapes and sizes to run (or walk) along a five-kilometre route in support of the cause.
The Daredevils of Durban will set off from Your Communications College Rovers Rugby Club in Kings Park Stadium, running through peak-hour traffic, past lush greenery and along the stunning Snell Parade Beach promenade on a five kilometre route as they make their way towards the finish line.
“We are thrilled to be able to spread the Daredevil spirit throughout the country to encourage support for this important cause,” says Warwick Bloom, Marketing Communications Manager at Hollard. “The Hollard Daredevil Run has seen such tremendous support and turn-out in the past, and we challenge every man of any age and shape, to join the fight against cancer – and have a little fun in the process!”


Cancer stats to scare the pants off you

While the Run has had a remarkably positive impact on cancer awareness around the country, statistics indicate an alarming increase in male cancer incidences in South Africa. According to research from the National Cancer Registry, there has been a 32% rise in prostate cancer cases in the past year alone, with one in 19 men at risk of developing prostate cancer in their lifetime. 

Even though figures for testicular cancer have declined, the number of men diagnosed with the disease is still alarmingly high. However, testicular cancer and other cancers can be treated if they are detected early enough.


Registered Daredevils over the age of 40 will also be able to have a free Prostate Specific Antigen test done on the day of the event, having to endure just a tiny prick to the finger to check for any signs of prostrate cancer. All proceeds from the Run will go to the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) to fund cancer awareness programmes as well as its MANVan initiative – a mobile health clinic which travels across the country providing free cancer testing to underprivileged communities.

Elize Joubert, CANSA CEO says, “Following the success of the 2016 Hollard Daredevil Run, we were able reach and screen an impressive 8,112 men throughout the country. We encourage all men to take part in the Hollard Daredevil Run to not only help raise awareness of male cancers, but also to help save lives.”


Men of all ages, shape and Speedo-size can enter by visiting to register. They can also nominate a friend, relative or colleague to join them in running cancer clean outta town.

Runners are welcome to bring their loved ones and fans to cheer them on from the side-lines on the day, as the run is restricted to Speedo-clad men and boys. Donations in support of the cause can be made here.


Have you registered yet? It’s THIS Friday at 3pm so get online and register!


Hey guys, here’s a video you should watch!

Visit the Event Facebook page for more info!


CANSA Shavathon at Gateway

Since cutting my hair for CANSA I then went along to the Shavathon at Gateway to help out.
What. A. Vibe. I will definitely be there every year!

Take a look at some amazing girls that also donated their ponytails for our #CutForACause movement to make wigs for those in need!
One of my clients even did it on the spot. So brave!
Thank you everyone who sprayed their hair, shaved their hair, donated their hair, made donations and bought the hair wraps. You all make a difference!
Thank you to everyone who donated and continue to donate. If you would like to donate your ponytail you just need 25cm minimum and I will even get it from you and get it to CANSA.
























I love my long hair. It’s the longest it’s ever been by about 20cm. I have grown it this length over 3 years.
It’s not this length anymore. It’s short. Why? Because I made it my mission to grown it to donate my ponytail to CANSA. I donated it so that they can make a wig for someone going through chemo. Imagine a little girl, at the peak of her princess obsession having to shave her hair? How would you feel? Exactly. I felt the same. So I did something about it. And you know what? I FEEL FANTASTIC!!!!

My goal is for 50 women/girls to donate their ponytails by the end of the year. I’ve done mine and so have 4 of my friends. So 5 down and 45 to go!
Don’t you want to join our #KindestCutArmy

Get in touch and let’s change some lives!!

Please go read all about how you can get involved HERE

I am still raising funds for the making of the wigs if you can’t donate your hair but would like to help please visit my fundraising page and check it out

































Who inspires you?

There are quite a few people that I could mention here, but I wanted to focus on a group of people that don’t always get thought of, and not in the way they should. Cancer sufferers and survivors.
Yes, we support our friends and family when they are going through it, but it takes so much strength to get up and fight another day.

I was reminded of this today when a friend of mine updated her blog about her journey. She puts it in perspective. It is so repetitive for her/them. Every day you basically have the same thoughts, feelings and hopes. Having to keep yourself positive and pepped up must be exhausting, never mind the actual treatment you are going for. I have so much respect for YOU ALL!
Literally fighting to live another day.

I am inspired by your fight
I am inspired by your positivity
I am inspired by your smiling faces
I am inspired by your work ethic, every day
I am inspired by your openness
I am inspired by your confidence
I am inspired by you being healthy
I am inspired by YOU!

To all of the girls (I was guilty once too), that keep complaining that their hair is too long/too short/too hot/too cold/too thick/too thin/too boring perhaps it is time to stop complaining about all of these properties that these girls would LOVE to have.

To have to go through losing your hair, must be one of the most difficult things in the world for a woman. It is something that you identify with, and what makes you feel girly. So spare a thought for those around you when you post on social media OMG my hair is like totally annoying me.It is just SO straight. Shut up! And sit down. Someone reading that is FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIFE! Go suck a lollipop and rather keep quiet.

To my amazing friends and family that are currently fighting it, I am watching proudly at the incredible people that you are! To the two that we have lost, I miss you every single day.

Thanks to Liesl and Andrea for reminding me what a survivor looks like.

Love & Light

Please do yourself a favour and go read Liesl’s blog about her journey with cancer.

Also, since you’re complaining about your TOO LONG HAIR, why don’t you change a child’s life and donate your ponytail so they can have a wig while they are going through chemo? I have pledged to grow my hair to donate my ponytail next year, you should too! Click Here for all the details!