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You all know I’m a fab of the Entertainer App, and I’ve been using it a few years now. I went to the launch of the 2018 one, and it was SO much fun! I had the best time introducing some friends to this incredible app for their first time. I can’t wait for them to enjoy saving on so many great deals next year.

My favourite part of the launch may have been taking all the photos in the photo booth! You couldn’t pull us away, it was just such fun. Thanks to the KZN Wedding DJ for that!

(Keep reading to the end to see how you could win a Drone, GoPro or Amazon Echo)

Entertainer Entertainer Entertainer Entertainer Entertainer



If you haven’t used The Entertainer before, let me give you a quick rundown!

This amazing app allows you to get 2-4-1 deals on various menus, spa treatments, experiences and hotels in your city. With restaurant deals, for two people you can use one deal, and for four people you can use two deals. If you’re doing a spa treatment, you can either take a friend (and then split the cost), or what I do most of the time is I pay for the first time and then get the next one free! It’s the best! Who doesn’t want half price meals and beauty treatments?!


Use my promo code GIJANE to get entered into the ENTERTAINER draw and you could win one of these awesome prizes:

  • Phantom 4 Drone
  • GoPro Hero 6
  • Amazon Echo

Go check it out:

It’s R100 off the app right now so go get it!


If you want to know how I use my Entertainer App then read this


The Entertainer

Those that have followed me for a year will have noticed when I go for a facial or massage I usually mention The Entertainer app followed by how amazing it is! Well that is because it is. It has saved me so much money on things that we don’t usually treat ourselves with. For me, that is a facial or a massage as well as eating out.

What is The Entertainer

The Entertainer

The Entertainer is an app that you download, and then you create an account and buy the deals for the whole year for a once off fee. It was started in Dubai and it has made its way to our fine shores. There are TONS of deals and they only expire at the end of December 2017. There are so many, that I didn’t even get through a tenth of them in the whole year of 2016! All of the deals are Buy One Get One Free so you are basically getting half price everywhere! Such a win in my book.


The Entertainer

Apart from the beauty and fitness side, there are also plenty of activities to do. Just a few from around SA are the big swing, kite surfing, surf lessons, animal farms, renting bicycles and so many more! The food deals are amazing and there are a stack of drinks deals as well. There are so many incredible restaurants that I only tried last year because of this app, and I am so glad I did.

The Entertainer

For the salon treatments, you can be nice and take a friend with you, OR you can be like me and save the second one for yourself 😉 #SorryNotSorry. How that works, is you pay for the first one, then the next time you go you redeem your free one on the app! It makes beauty care so much more affordable, especially when it’s a Dermalogica facial. Am I right ladies? When I bought it and used it for my first facial, I made back the money I paid for it in THE FIRST DEAL! I still had hundreds of deals to use after that.

The Entertainer

If you want to buy it but save 10% then use GIJane at checkout for a discount!
Durban is R395 for the whole year
Joburg and Cape Town is R495 for the whole year

The Entertainer

If you have any questions pop me a comment below or email and I’ll happily share any info you might need! They’re also super helpful on their Facebook page as well.

Have you got your app and getting your saving on?


Welcome to The Fix!


I was one of the lucky bloggers flown down to Cape Town for the launch of The Fix in Canal Walk. I got to go on this adventure with my girls Fayinthemaze and Thando and it was non stop fun since we stepped onto that flight.

Fashion IMG_6574

So you may know the name Fashion Express, well those stores are being upgraded to The Fix. The Fix is the new fashion forward, funky and fun brand that you will fall in love with! They mix fashion with affordable, making it, in my opinion, the new front runner in affordable fashion. I loved all of the items and it was pretty hard deciding what to buy! There are shoes (amazing shoes), accessories, clothing and basically anything you need to put together an entire look. You could walk in wearing your underwear and walk out in a whole outfit, handbag and hat included.

Fashion IMG_6607  My look

From the moment we arrived at the store the atmosphere was electric. The music set the mood with the hottest little DJ spinning some beats. Her own dance moves tempted your hips into matching her beat. Fayinthemaze: “I don’t even like this song but I can’t stop moving to it.” We didn’t know where to look first, but it became clear when we spotted the actual print campaign models being live mannequins modelling the outfits. It really helped bring the clothes to life! We walked around doing a quick lap to see everything and made mental notes of our favourites. We then sat at the awesome kicks station where we could design our own high tops! Every girl’s dream. Their favourite design will be made into an actual shoe and sold in their stores! There were indefinite amounts of pizza squares floating about as well as walking candy stations. Basically everything we love (speckled eggs hello!)

Fashion IMG_6694


We went on our shopping hunt, starting off together but then it was every man  woman for herself! About half an hour later I found the girls again, after trying on all of my looks and heading to the till. I may have (definitely did), sign up for the loyalty card, because who doesn’t want to be rewarded every time they shop?

Fashion IMG_6648 IMG_6654 Fashion IMG_6665 IMG_6670



What I love about this brand is not just their amazing prices, because who can afford to buy an entire new wardrobe these days? But I love the style as well. It is so funky and fresh, we desperately needed another affordable fashion brand so we aren’t all walking around in the same thing. You can shop pieces to go with your existing wardrobe which I love. Their jackets and coats are amazing fabric that are actually perfect for Durban even in Summer. There is a coat that Fay got and I didn’t and now I am so sad that I have to go and get it because FOMO! If you haven’t seen that pic you should check out her instagram!

Fashion IMG_6663 IMG_6664 IMG_6666 IMG_6667 IMG_6713




We were lucky enough to be able to stay another day with our family in Cape Town so Fay and I did a little tour of the coffee shops and diabetes causing  treats we have been eying on instagram for so long! It was so fun running around Cape Town with her and also being able to see my bestie who is due to pop any day now with her baby boy. It was such a special trip all round and I can’t thank the Foschini group and The Fix enough for the opportunity. The Joburg bloggers we met have already become friends (we even have a whatsapp group now), and the Cape Town blogger is the most stylish gorgeous girl as well! Everyone we met at the event was worth their weight in gold. Nothing makes me happier than good natured, down to earth people that are so friendly and nice!





Thank you Cape Town! If you missed it all on snap chat, I’ll be putting together a little vlog this week on my youtube channel GiJaneSA


Airport attire

Airport attire


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