LIV Village

LIV Village is found in the heart of Durban, and they are the most incredible organisation.

I had never been to LIV Village and I am so glad that I did! It is such a special place, and the children are so amazing I have asked to be more involved in the future. I believe everyone should go visit and see the amazing work that they do there.

We recently collected Easter eggs at our Easter Secret Sunrise and our fabulous Secret Sunrise family came through! We were able to donate to two baby homes as well as to LIV village. We also donated pre-owned running shoes from my Shoeperstars campaign and the kiddies were so excited! LIV village creates a safe home for 181 children right now. They pair children with a mom in their own home and together with 3-5 other children, they become a new family. The facilities they have are amazing. There is a clinic with a doctor, a dentist, a psychologist and an occupational therapist. They eat really healthy nutritious food, so their illness rate is drastically reduced as well. They have a school that ranges from Grade R to Grade 11, with the Grade 11’s becoming the first Matric class next year. They have started giving jobs to those in the communities surrounding the village, and have taught these people amazing skills. There’s a factory where they sew products, a welding school, agriculture where they farm veggies and moringa, LIV labels, LIV flowers, LIV culinary school and they are part of LIV cleaning as well! Sadly, recently, other members of the surrounding communities rioted and protested outside LIV wanting jobs. They caused enormous damage which is going to set back the village in their efforts to create more jobs for the community. It costs roughly R2 million a month to run this amazing facility, and if you’re like me, you’ve probably thought twice about donating because you have the misconception that they’re so well supported because they’re always on social media with sports stars etc. Only after I visited and spoke to Caitlyn about it did she bring it up that a lot of people think that, but their costs are so high.


They’re currently launching a £1 campaign where they’re asking people to donate £1 a month. That’s R20, the cost of a cappuccino. Doable right? I’m committing to donate R20 a month this year and I’m challenging you as well! If we can get 1 million people around the world to donate £1 a month, that would be their target and they can take in even more vulnerable children!

LIV Village LIV Village LIV Village LIV Village LIV Village LIV Village LIV Village LIV Village LIV Village LIV Village LIV Village LIV Village LIV Village

My whole feeling from being at LIV is that it is such a happy place! The kids are growing up in an incredible environment and to see how many kids are being helped is just heart warming.

If you’d like to shop online and buy their products check out their website here. I have had the coffee and it is really good! They also have amazing woven rugs in their store at LIV so pop in and support them sometime and grab a coffee at their coffee shop too!


If you would like to use zapper to donate anything from R20 towards helping them rebuild or support the kids then scan this code. You can also use zapper to donate monthly if you like!

If you’re more old school and prefer eft or online payments then you can donate here.

LIV Village

If you would like to donate anything to LIV for the rebuilding please feel free to use this Zapper code.


Have you been to LIV Village before?

I hope you’ll join me when we do our special Mandela Day Secret Sunrise event. We have launched the event on Facebook and you can find all the details here

LIV Village


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Always Keep Playing #LikeAGirl

I’ve teamed up with Always to educate you on their #LikeAGirl campaign! (Sponsored)


We all know that feeling. You’ve been wearing a bra all day and you just arrived at the gym, looking forward to changing into your comfy sports bra, only to realise you’ve forgotten it! Again!

What do you do? Do you run out the gym happily  leave the gym unhappy, knowing you’ve missed the chance to workout, or do you suffer through the workout being uncomfortable? We’ve all been there! Some more than others…. It is never comfortable, but some of us wear the bra and workout anyway. It’s NOT comfortable and we vow to never forget it again. Well, did you know that there are so many girls that don’t play sports at schools because they don’t have a sportsbra?

Always are changing that!

As a follow-up to the Always Keep Playing #LikeAGirl campaign, Always will be sponsoring the donation of sports bras to underprivileged girls through its partnership with GOP (Girls Only Project).

“We’re doing this to highlight the fact that many girls cite the lack of feeling comfortable and confident as a reason for dropping out of sports.”

GOP will be handing over the bras to the young girls at Wigen Heights tomorrow and Luthyi School in Hammersdale on Thursday. I’m sure these girls are going to be SO excited! It is going to make such a difference to their lives. Something we don’t even think about. We often buy new sports bras when we see cute ones we like. Of course they have to have support and be comfortable too, but we have the luxury of walking into a shop without even thinking about it. It’s second nature to us to wear a sports bra when we exercise, so we don’t really know what it’s like to have to go without.

So where did this idea come from?

Always ran the third part of its #LikeAGirl campaign around the time of the Olympics, and it highlighted the issue around confidence and sports for girls. They discovered some alarming stats, that by the end of puberty, half of the girls surveyed (51%) will have quit sports. The girls reported that they didn’t feel like they belonged in sports and 67% felt that society doesn’t encourage them to play sports.

“Research done by local organisation Girls Only Project (GOP) shows that another factor related to a girl’s lack of confidence when playing sports is due to not having proper sports bras. The girls surveyed often mentioned breasts as an issue when discussing participation in sport. Because the bras are so expensive, girls simply don’t wear them and either don’t want to play sport because of this, or play but are incredibly uncomfortable and self-conscious.”

Always is on a mission, and it’s a much needed one. Their mission is to stop the drop in confidence that girls feel during puberty. Part of their mission is to educate all of us and make us aware of the shocking statistics and high volume of girls that are quitting sports every day due to lack of sports bras. Sport is so important to boost these girls and their confidence at an age where it is so needed.

Ready for some crazy stats?

  • An Always survey revealed that the start of puberty and the first period mark the lowest moments in confidence for girls. More than half of girls surveyed lose confidence during puberty and many never fully recover.
  • Through its Education Programme – reaching up to 20 million girls, in over 60 countries – Always has been championing girls’ confidence globally for more than 30 years.

7 out of 10 girls feel they do not belong in sports, leading half of them to quit playing sports at puberty – when sports could benefit them most

  • 7 out of 10 girls feel they don’t belong in sports; 67% of girls feel that society does not encourage them to play sports.
  • By age 17, at the end of puberty, half of girls (51%) will have quit sports.
  • 7 in 10 girls say there aren’t enough female role models in sports today.

Because of the critical role of sports in building confidence, Always urges girls to keep playing #LIKEAGIRL

  • Two-thirds of girls agree that playing sports brings them increased confidence.

With that in mind, especially that two-thirds agree that sports brings them increased confidence, it is up to all of us to do our bit to encourage these beautiful girls to stay in sport! Do your bit and be involved where you can be.








I have 5 hampers to giveaway containing Always products to the value of R200 each! Now, this isn’t an ordinary giveaway, because you won’t get these pads. You will be donating them in YOUR name, to a school girl who needs them more than you. All you have to do share the Always post that is on my Facebook page Here!

Please visit Always on Twitter and on Facebook

Follow the hashtag #LikeAGirl

Have you watched the most recent Always video about girls and sports?


My top 5 moments of 2015

So fayinthemaze and I decided that once a week we would get together (over coffee of course) and plan a blogpost to do together, at the same time. We would choose a topic and write about it from our own perspective. So here is our first one!

My top 5 moments of 2015 (These are not family/friend related, calm down, you’re all special too)

  1. Growing and cutting my hair for CANSA 

This was such a special “project” for me and I will definitely do it again! I feel that every girl should do it at least once in their life. There is something invigorating and motivating about it. I didn’t think that I would feel so emotional doing it, but I really did! I was happy to be doing it, but at that moment I felt SO nervous! My hair was waaaay too long to function, I grew it about 10cm longer that I would ever have it, just so I could give them more, so I was actually really glad to be getting rid of the length for such a great cause! If you would like to get involved let me know, I’ll point you the right direction or visit here for more details

I donated 35cm’s but they take from 25cm

Top 5 moments of 2015 Top 5 moments of 2015 Top 5 moments of 2015

Top 5 moments of 2015 Top 5 moments of 2015 Top 5 moments of 2015

2. Taking part in the Crossfit Open (for fun obvs because I am NOT that strong)

This was so tough but so fun at the same time! I signed up with my friend Liz, because she is bad ass, and it always helps doing something with a friend. I really didn’t think I would be able to do as much as I did! I think when you push yourself out of your comfort zone you are pleasantly surprised. I am sure I’ll be doing it again this year, as soon as I start crossfit again.

Top 5 moments of 2015 Top 5 moments of 2015

3. My “Blow the Whistle” Charity YogaTone class in Joburg

I’ve done this charity class a few times now and I absolutely love it! I love giving back to charity, and the girls love being active whilst doing that. I was fortunate enough to have been sponsored a car for the weekend by Peugeot, which helped me SO much getting around. I plan to do more bootcamps and charity classes in 2016 so I hope you’ll all join me again!

Top 5 moments of 2015 Top 5 moments of 2015 Top 5 moments of 2015Top 5 moments of 2015Top 5 moments of 2015Top 5 moments of 2015Top 5 moments of 2015

4. Realising that if you don’t put yourself out there, you won’t get anything

I may have come to this realisation when I was entering the Kia competition. I decided after that, that you can’t NOT do things because you’re too embarrassed or scared at what people will say or think of you. By posting somewhat embarrassing photos of myself I managed to go on a trip of a lifetime! So, I kept entering things and I will keep entering things and putting myself out there. I can’t sit and worry if you’ll read my blog, or what my video. I’m never going to be a huge youtube sensation, I don’t have the time, or the editing skills to be honest, how do you even do any of that!? But, I will do what I want to because I want to, not because I think you want me to. And I think that this is the most important realisation of all. I am going to keep doing what I want to, because sometimes by putting yourself out there and taking a risk, you get the BEST rewards!  A trip to Seoul, Dermalogica products, BT products, One Republic concerts, Bronx shoes, Ocean eyewear sunglasses and a SAMSUNG SUHD TV!! (That should be delivered next week!) So when people tell me “You’re so lucky” I tell them I’m not. I don’t win lucky draws or raffles that entail luck, I win things where I have to put myself OUT THERE. I take embarrassing pictures, retweet and make up statements, whatever I feel is right. If you don’t do these things you won’t get anything. SO stop caring and start LIVING!

Top 5 moments of 2015 Top 5 moments of 2015 Top 5 moments of 2015 Top 5 moments of 2015  Top 5 moments of 2015

5. In first place, winning a trip to South Korea with KIA!

I don’t know why I hesitated to enter, but as soon as I entered I had a feeling I would win! When I got the email I literally screamed! Going to South Korea was a dream come true and I had the BEST TIME. I really want to go back and do some more exploring sometime because it is an incredible place with incredible people. There were just so many highlights from the trip, that you will need to go read about it, but I am also busy writing posts on each of the days because they really deserve their own posts per day.

Top 5 moments of 2015 Top 5 moments of 2015

Top 5 moments of 2015 Top 5 moments of 2015

Top 5 moments of 2015 Top 5 moments of 2015

Top 5 moments of 2015 Top 5 moments of 2015

Top 5 moments of 2015 Top 5 moments of 2015

What are your top moments of 2015? Have you set new goals yet?

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Getting to know Jane Tennet 

Jane is another friend I met on social media! (See it does happen) She is always smiling, always laughing and she can lift the whole vibe up around her. She’s always asking how you are and genuinely cares about your answer, which is rare these days. I loved reading all of her answers. She’s such a beautiful person inside and out.

Lets get to know Jane Tennet:



What does healthy mean to you?
To me, healthy means listening to your body and supplying it with its needs; healthy whole foods, water, vitamins and minerals and exercise – all these contribute to a healthy body and a healthy you.



What is your chosen form of exercise?
At the moment it’s anything at gym, fast gradient walking on the treadmill, elliptical trainer, swimming, and circuit. I was never one for team sports at school, so swimming was always my go-to, I’m keen to start playing squash again and I am attempting to do some running/ jogging during my usual Park Run.



What does your way of healthy eating look like?
I try to follow an 80-20 ‘eating’ regime. 80% of the time I watch what I eat, choosing healthy options – salads, lots of veggies and fruits, yogurts and milk, whole grains, pulses etc. Which means for 20% of the time I can relax and eat a cupcake or a handful of chips. But life doesn’t always go as planned so I also try and stick to moderation, yes, I can have a pack of jelly sweets at the movies – as long as it’s a snack pack, yes, I can get Afro’s chicken with chips as long as I have the strips and chips and not a burger. J



What is your passion project?
Personally, I love writing my blog, unfortunately as a full time worker I don’t always have much time and so it does sometimes take the back-seat, but I really love the creative outlet that it gives me. Hey, it’s not changing the world, but it makes me happy! I also try to support some amazing charities and initiatives, the KwaCare Panty Project is very close to my heart, they supply school-going girls with great re-usable sanitary products to use during their “time of the month” in order for them to keep going to school. (find out more on their website)



What does a typical day look like for you?
At the moment I’m up around 5am (sometimes a little earlier) and hit the gym just before 6. I try and get a fast paced workout with a friend in for an hour before hitting the showers and getting to work. I get to work around 7:30ish, eat breakfast and am go-go-go through-out the day, be it doing admin or going for meetings. I finish work between 3:30-4:30 and head home. At home it’s back to the grind with preparing breakfast and lunches for the next day, helping with dinner, feeding the zoo (3 dogs, 2 cats) and preparing my gym bag for the next morning. Depending on the night there are also social and church commitments… and finally I get to sleep!



What would you like people to know about you?
Eep… this is probably the hardest question of the bunch… uhm… that I’m a really nice person, I think I’m funny and fun to be around, I love animals, baking and crafting and I’m a bit of a fan-girl.



What would you like people to know about your work/business?
Whew! Well it’s not really about work or business, but I would want people to know that God (or whomever they believe or don’t believe – Personally I’m a Christian so I believe in God) has a purpose no matter their situation, no matter what happens and even through the most hectic of times.



Favourite work-out song?
I go through workout songs like pop-culture trends! I love anything with a great beat, a distinct rhythm and a catchy tune. At the moment the one song that gets me pumped is Silento – Whip It (Nae Nae), and then David Guetta & Kaz James – Blast Off, American Authors – Go Big or Go Home are also in my playlist yes, have a gym playlist on my phone which gets updated monthly to keep me moving.



Favourite exercise and why?
Elliptical trainer! I think because it gives me the effect of running even though I’m 100% useless at actually running. I’m also loving doing the circuit at gym, I change up some of the leg exercises to focus on my weaker areas like abs, and I mix and match the cardio stepping with normal walking, double and single steps, calf raises and lunges and squats – I like that in 30minutes I get an all over work out without having to wait for machines.



Favourite quote/advice?
I don’t really have favourite quotes, I find Bible verses are more motivational and enlightening for me, some of my favorites are:

Daniel 12:3 (VOICE) – Those who are wise will shine as bright as the sky at midday, and those who make the many righteous will shine as the stars forever and ever.

Jeremiah 29:11 (VOICE) – For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Eternal, “plans for peace, not evil, to give you a future and hope—never forget that.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (VOICE) – Celebrate always, pray constantly, and give thanks to God no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. (This is God’s will for all of you in Jesus the Anointed.)


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Getting to know Gordon Reid 

Lucky Gord is a name you should know from Twitter. If you don’t know it, you’ve probably seen a guy running or cycling or swimming in a cow suit for CHOC. That would be him! He is funny, outgoing, generous and someone you want on your side.

Lets get to know Gords Reid:


What does healthy mean to you?
Being a self-confessed #beerslut makes it a little difficult to answer this but here goes. Health to me means keeping my cholesterol, blood pressure, waist line etc. under control with exercise and not pills. Healthy also means surrounding myself with positive people who help keep me an eternal optimist. Ice cream anyone?


What is your chosen form of exercise?
Swim/Bike/Run is my latest passion but Squash has always been the best way for me to keep fit and healthy. Squash also helps me maintain a base fitness for all the other things that I do.


What does your way of healthy eating look like?
Healthy eating to me means juicing celery and carrots in the morning to get my body ph balanced, then small, low fat, low sugar meals for the rest of the day.


What is your passion project? We Support Kids with Cancer. All of the proceeds of our fund raising goes to CHOC (Children’s Haematology Oncology Clinics)

Since I became a Cow 22 months ago I’ve done over 1500km or races (runs, triathlons, swims, MTB, road cycing) in cow print for Kids with cancer and raised over R170K. I know where the money is going and I know I’m making a difference.


What does a typical day look like for you?
Up early, my wife and I fight over who’s turn it is to exercise in the mornings but we have a roster. At work by 7:30. E-mails, quotes, production meetings, manipulating artwork, proofing, persuading clients their deadlines are unreasonable, convincing staff that my clients’ deadlines are reasonable, meetings. Family time, kids homework and then collapse in a heap on the couch.


What would you like people to know about you?
Eternal optimist, fun loving, passionate about life, ADD, fiercely loyal, travel and adrenalin junky. Oooh look a squirrel. Luckiest guy in the world.


What would you like people to know about your work/business?
Print is thriving, it’s a tough industry to be in but it’s vast and fascinating. From digital to litho, flexo to gravure. The technology is mind boggling.


Favourite workout song?
Sun Goes Down – Robin Schulz seems to get me up the hills best at the moment.


Favourite exercise and why?
Squash – chasing a little black ball around the court is way easier than bashing it out on a treadmill.


Favourite quote/advice?
“Stop searching for the light and become it instead.” It’s a spin on one od Mahatma Gandhi’s quotes.


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