Monday Motivation – Spread some Sparkle

In a world where people are attacking each other on social media on a daily basis, I feel like more sparkle is needed.


When did it become ok to bash your friends for having their own opinion? When a friend posts a genuine question on their own Facebook, when did it become ok to attack them, belittle them and to attack their character? I see it every day and I don’t understand it. We were always taught that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I feel like everyone has forgotten this and instead social media has made them feel powerful because they don’t have to say things face to face but they can hide behind their keyboard. Sure, you are also entitled to your opinion and to reply as such, but do it in a respectful manner where you are having a discussion about the topic, not ripping his character to shreds for asking a question and having his own opinion.

I feel like it happens more and more every day, and instead of scrolling on by, people now have to get defensive about everything. I often just scroll past if a friend has said something I don’t agree with, and I am much better for it. Sure, if they’re asking a question I might give my feedback if I really want to, but in a respectful way. I would never attack their character for posing a question. If it really is something sensitive then I’ll send them a private message and take it off Facebook. If it really offends you, then why not contact them directly instead of having a public debate? Or is it an ego thing where you need to be seen. You need to be seen dominating. You need to have an opinion. Sometimes you need to look inside yourself and see where the rage is coming from. I’m pretty sure you’ll find it isn’t your friend or what he said.

To lose friends and be unfriended on Facebook over your own opinion is pathetic. Are you really a friend then? I’ll always remember his great cull of 2017. Made so easy for him by people removing themselves. It’s always better when they do it themselves right?

My point is this, spread more sparkle, spread more love, spread more joy. Stop perpetuating the hate by being part of it. Take a breath and scroll on by. You’ll feel better and your blood pressure will thank you. Stop taking things so personally.


Spread those sparkles everywhere! You know what glitter is like, that shit sticks like glue for YEARS! So throw buckets of it everywhere so happiness spreads and sticks for years ✨




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We clap for you

So I’ve been struggling with something for a while, and it has come to a peak now and pushed me to start a new movement #WeClapForYou


I was chatting to Natalie and Sarah on twitter last night and Natalie had just experienced the same thing. It makes you SO angry that people are so mean and can actually think this way.

When did it become ok to laugh and joke about other people at the gym?
When did it become ok to point and joke about the big girl working out?
When did it become ok to belittle them for being at the gym?
When did it become ok to question why they are there or even trying?
When did it become ok to judge someone when you have no idea about their life?
When did it become ok to laugh about that person and then post about it on social media?
When did it become ok to mock someone’s weight loss struggle and journey?
When did it become ok to be such a bitch?

I actually can’t believe the amount of people that will laugh, belittle, mock, point at and discourage overweight people at the gym, on the promenade and anywhere really. If someone is TRYING to change their life and their health, who are YOU to even question it? Leave the serious questions to us professionals who actually care about these people and their health. We actually ask deep questions that impact their psyche and health and why they are where they are. We don’t ask stupid questions like “Why are you even bothering?” Well they are bothering because they can, and they want to. People don’t ask you questions about why you can’t stop pulling duck face in pictures, so maybe its time for you to stop being a bitch.

The fact that someone has taken the time to drive to the gym, sit with the sales consultant, sign up, and then make the conscious decision to get up and get their ass to the gym, regardless of its size, is a feat in itself and commendable. 


Who are you to make a mockery of that? You don’t know if they have cried in their car in the parking lot too afraid to walk in there for fear of people like YOU. You don’t know if they lost a loved one and have no family left so they ate their feelings until they literally didn’t recognise themselves anymore. You don’t know if they have battled and SURVIVED cancer and the cortisone and meds made them balloon to triple their size. You don’t know if she was physically battered by her husband and then ate to make him not want her anymore so he would leave her alone.


Stop being THAT person. Stop hating on people. Stop being a bully!
Show some love. Show some encouragement. Show some support!

When did it become cool to be mean? This is not a movie, this is not Mean Girls. It was funny because it was a movie, not real life. Stop making it real life.

So this is me, as a health and fitness professional, standing up for all of those people who have been laughed at, spoken about, pointed at and belittled for trying! For trying to lose weight, for trying to go to the gym, for trying to be a better version of themselves! If you sign up for a 5k, I will clap for you. If you are running on the promenade, I will clap for you. If you get to the gym, I will clap for you.
I am in AWE of you!





I hope you will too….




*If you were offended by this because you are that bitch, sorry not sorry*


How not to be a dick ~ Tenant edition 

1. Read the contract and remember it
2. Pay your rent on time. Every month
3. Don’t complain about DSTV or anything when your rent is overdue
4. Don’t park anywhere else besides your designated parking
5. Don’t park in my clients’ parking. Ever (and then complain about them coming at 8am)
6. Don’t buy a pet, when there are no pets allowed
7. Don’t buy a pet when you signed directly underneath where it says NO PETS
8. Don’t lie 
9. Don’t have 12 people staying with you for the holidays. In a one bedroom flat. (I don’t know how they all slept and it is too creepy to think about)
10. Maybe ask permission if you can have two or twelve people staying for 5 days. Maybe also offer R100 per person to cover the enormous water and elecricity bill they racked up
11. Smile 
12. Don’t leave your GHD plugged in and ON all day
13. Don’t answer the ad for one person and one car only, then add another person and another car
14. Don’t lie
16. Answer your email so you acknowledge receipt of it
17. Don’t pay two weeks late, every month
18. Don’t rock up after Christmas with two bearded dragons in two tanks with their light bulbs on all day every day. (Creepiest animal ever! And NO PETS ALLOWED) Must be illiterate 
19. Don’t throw food out of the kitchen window so my dogs can injure themselves trying to squeeze through a fence to get to it
20. Don’t ask to use my pool. You shouldn’t even know I have one, unless you unlatched the gate between us and walked all the way through my property when I wasn’t here to see that we have a pool. CREEPER!

There are so many more since we’ve had 4 sets of tenants so far. I’m pretty sure there will be many more to come! 
It’s simple. Don’t be a dick….

 Image: Mielie Meisie Notebook