Forever Fierce with Puma

I recently did a shoot with Mister Smith while I was in Dubai, and the theme was FOREVER FIERCE with Puma.

I was lucky enough to be dressed by PUMA in their incredible new Swan Pack range.

I love the whole message that PUMA is portraying of #DoYou.

It is so important to be you and follow through with whatever that means to you. I think these days we often find ourselves worrying what other people think of us, instead of following our hearts and what makes us happy.

Stop worrying about the person next to you on the treadmill, focus on your own workout.
Stop worrying about how you measure up to them physically.
Stop worrying about how much more money your friend has.
Stop worrying about the Instagram model you follow.

Worry about you.

Do You.

Forever Fierce Forever Fierce Forever Fierce Forever Fierce Forever Fierce Forever Fierce Forever Fierce Forever Fierce Forever Fierce Forever Fierce Forever Fierce Forever Fierce Forever Fierce

If I was worried about what people thought, I wouldn’t have done a shoot. I wouldn’t have dyed my hair purple. I wouldn’t do a lot of things. But, we need to stay true to ourselves in everything that we do. We need to remember that hashtag and take it with us every day!

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Check out his new website as well and be sure to contact him for any work you need done!


The PUMA Swan Pack is available in store now! You need to be quick as it is selling out as fast as you can imagine. To find your closest store visit their website.

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What do you think of my FIERCE look?


Mermaids in Dubai

I am currently in Dubai and I’m living my best active life, as usual. What is making it even more active, is this set of the new Mermaids and Unicorns active range!

The lovely Mermicorns gifted me this amazing crop top and legging set and it is SO comfy. I was going to say that it is so cute, but I thought that was shallow and I should lead with something with more substance 😉

But really how well does it match my hair?

This crop top is so comfortable, so cute and it gives you the support you need. It isn’t too low cut (which I have found with so many brands) and it nice having a matching set!

Also this view, can we talk about this view? I am so lucky to be staying at such a beautiful hotel. This is the Sofitel Downtown, and it is exquisite. I plan to lay by the pool for a few hours this week, that is for sure!

Mermaids and Unicorns in Dubai

Mermaids and Unicorns in Dubai

Mermaids and Unicorns in Dubai

Mermaids and Unicorns in Dubai

Mermaids and Unicorns in Dubai

Mermaids and Unicorns in Dubai

Mermaids and Unicorns in Dubai

These haven’t launched yet (lucky me I know), but keep your eyes on their Facebook Page to see when they drop!

If you haven’t visited their website yet, you really should! These will be under MU Active, and the other fun leggings I wear daily are under Leggings.


What do you think of the colours I chose?


With love from Dubai



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Planet Fitness Cyclethon

Planet Fitness is hosting a cyclethon tomorrow in aid of The Smile Foundation. We caught up with Denise who is the founder of the charity cyclethon in South Africa.


What got you started in spinning?
I was in USA in 1996 at a converence and that’s where I saw Johnny G. He knew spinning wasn’t in South Africa and was keen to introduce it. He eventually worked on it, met people he could do business with and eventually got a few bikes imported to our country. I was one of the first six people who started training and am a Masters Instructor and then started a business with my partner.


What was the response when you first started it in SA? Were people skeptical?
People loved it; we started off with two classes, one at night and the other is one in the morning. It became such a hit that we had to increase the classes to six per day.


Spinning is now a huge part of the gym environment. Did you expect it to have grown so quickly and to be in so many gyms 20 years later?
Yes I did, I have been in sports all my life and saw the potential of spinning when it started, I knew it would be an instant hit.  It’s great because you can do it indoors and outdoors.


What is your favourite thing about spinning? 
I love the vibe and energy around it, the fact that you can’t get injured if your bike is set up correctly and the music. I also like spinning because it works well for heart rate training.


How did you come up with the idea for the charity cyclethons?
I have been doing Cyclethons for charities since 1996 every year. I started with Hospice Wits whom I still support and now also the Smile Foundation. I also do Kiddies Cycle races for charity. The Cyclethon has gone National. PE, JHB, Cape Town and Umhlanga, KZN. My dad had cancer so that was enough motivation to get me started to give back.


Tell us a little about the cyclethon for The Smile Foundation 
I think combining things you love for a good reason is always a great idea. I have always been active and I fell in love with spinning the minute I tried it and that’s why I took started teaching it. As said my dad had cancer and I guess giving comes naturally to my heart. I started small with Hospice Wits who I still support. I then started with the Smile Foundation and have been working with them ever since. There are a lot of children who get helped by the foundation and I think any little help that is possible.


How can people get involved by cycling or donating to the cause?

People can buy tickets on or just donate and not cycle.


If you would like to join them tomorrow be sure to book your ticket now!



Getting to know Thando Tsekiso

I met Thando a few months ago, and she is one of those people that you instantly become friends with. She has the brightest smile, the biggest personality and the most beautiful heart. She also lets Fayinthemaze and I ask her the silliest questions and answers without skipping a beat. She’s an entrepreneur, social media influencer, and all around beautiful girl!

Let’s get to know Thando Tsekiso….


What does healthy mean to you?
Healthy means having your body, mind and soul all in good synergy and well balanced.


What is your chosen form of exercise?
My chosen form of exercise is chewing! Kidding ? I hit the gym, but mainly focus on cardio and a bit of weights to tone everything up.


What is your way of healthy eating?
My way of healthy eating involves an assortment of boiled vegetables and a great steak or oven baked chicken!


What does a typical day look like for you?
A typical day for me kick starts with gym, a nap, breakfast while watching a sermon and checking emails & my social media. Then the rest proceeds uniquely as per each day’s requirements. Social media plays a big part throughout the day.


What would you like people to know about you?
I wouldn’t like to dictate to people what they should know about me. Just get to know me and they can figure it out.


What would you like people to know about your work/business?
About my work and business, I’m so passion driven with that project. We take great care for the quality we put out and our customer service. (Visit Wild Rose Boutique and have a look!)


Favourite work out song?
My favourite work out song has to be Future – his entire Purple reign & DS2 album.


Favourite exercise and why?
Favorite exercise had to be like attending a Stepping class… Or is it stepper? Yeah those classes are amazing workouts.


Favourite quote or advice?
Shucks, I have far too many fav quotes. Currently it has to be “Always remember – a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle…” simply because there’s so much power and light which unity and knowledge share holds, but us greedy humans fail to see this.

Being a blessing to another person will see your blessings fall right over you.


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Squat life 

So I always get asked how people can get a booty like mine. I’m like this old thing? Apparently the booty is in 😉 who knew. So the thing is I always squat. I love squats. I can squat all day! We are built to squat, so if you want to build a booty, you squat. 

Squat low and heavy. If you’re new to squats then do air squats with no weights. Then add weights as you get stronger. The heavier you go, the stronger and perkier you’re going to get! 

Build that booty!