New Year Goals?

You’re probably sitting there thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions so you have them ready when people start asking you tonight. I think having something to work towards is a great starter for a new year. I prefer goals to resolutions and this blog post explains why!

Set some goals and smash them in the face!

Happy New Year



Monday Motivation 


I think we all tend to lose sight of the bigger picture. We put ourselves down for missing a workout, or having something we told ourselves we couldn’t have during the week. We actually should be congratulating ourselves for actually noticing the difference and wanting to be better. We are still better than we were yesterday. We are still here. We are still trying.

Keep being nice to yourself. Motivate yourself. Be better. You already are


Christmas is over! 

The food has been eaten, the presents unwrapped and used, and it’s time to reel in the festive feasting! 

Most people like to start on the 1st of January, but that’s a Saturday this year, so will you really start on a weekend? Or on Monday? How about you start making changes today so you can indulge on New Year’s Eve? 

Eat a little cleaner tomorrow, go for a walk along the promenade, go to gym, feel fresh and healthy and go into the new year feeling GREAT!

Small changes force big results



Getting to know… Roxy Message

I met Roxy when I worked at Kingspark Virgin Active years ago. She was there without fail every morning from 5am. Even in Winter. The girl is motivated! Fast forward a few years and she is married, has a really successful brand, Roxstar Bikini, and started another brand with Julia James called Saint & Summer. The girl is on fire!


Let’s get to know Roxy Message:


What does healthy mean to you?
Healthy to me means a leading an active lifetysle with balanced eating. No extremes, enjoying the things you like in moderation and training your body to be fit and inshape.
What is your chosen form of exercise?
It has varied over the years from running to weight training to a mix of both. At the moment it is a combination of swimming, cycling and running as I am doing 70.3 Ironman on 2 August in Durban
What does your way of healthy eating look like?
My healthy eating is simple eggs and toast or oats for breakfast, mid morning fruit, protein, 2 veg and a carb at lunch, afternoon fruit and dinner is protein and 2 veg. I do find with my current training my portion sizes tend to be a bigger than normal and the occasional rusk or hot cross bun sneaks its way in after afternoon swim sessions. 
What is your passion project?
I have been abit slack on this topic of late due to work and training constraints but my heart breaks for orphaned babies and I would love to be more involved with them. 
What does a typical day look like for you?
My typical day is thankfully quite varied day to day but generally it involves getting up at 4:10am to go running or cycling. I then get into the office around 8am and run roxstar and SAINT&SUMMER until about 3pm when 3 afternoons a week I do swimming in the afternoon or on the alternate afternoons I visit family or friends or spend time with my God children. 
What would you like people to know about you? 
Things aren’t always as they seem. Business(es) are not easy to run, a heathly/active lifestyle doesn’t always come easy, marriage is tough and life is full of struggles but its all about how you choose to approach each new day you are given regardless of your circumstances or what you are facing. 
What would you like people to know about your work/business?
Running your own business is tough and involves a lot more than you think. You have to keep evolving your brand to keep ahead of the rest and you need to stay original. Never doubt yourself and take risks. 
Favourite workout song?
Rihanna  – FourFiveSeconds
Favourite exercise and why?
Cycling – seen a huge difference in the tone of my legs 
Favourite quote/advice?
It never gets easier, you just get get stronger
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