Boody Wear

The lovely folks over at Boody Wear SA sent me this fab outfit the week before my overseas trip, so I thought I would put it to the test before I shared my thoughts with all of you!


Boody Wear is an Australian brand that is eco-friendly and made of Bamboo. It was brought to South Africa in 2015 and the range has expanded since then. I was very intrigued about the Bamboo material and how it would feel on my body.

I can report, it is super soft and super comfortable! I had to do a squat test of course, and it passed!

I decided to pack the sports bra, vest and leggings for my trip, even though I was going to be in the snow. I didn’t know if I would be warm enough in any leggings, but since I’m so used to leggings, I didn’t pack anything thicker, my legs just don’t like it!

I wore other leggings and then I wore these leggings. Honestly, my legs were SO much warmer on the days where I wore the Boody leggings, and surprisingly, those were the coldest days. I didn’t even pack them thinking they would have anything to do with the warmth, but it was such a pleasant surprise! I may have worn them a few days in a row…

The sports bra is more of a comfort crop that I would use for yoga, I wouldn’t do walking or high impact exercise in it because it doesn’t strap those suckers down! But it really is comfortable, to the point that I actually wore it back on my long haul flights and I hardly even noticed I was wearing it.

The vest is super light, soft and easy to wear. It falls nicely when its on. You know what I mean, when it fits perfectly and doesn’t gather here or there, making you feel uncomfortable or that you look a few kgs heavier because it’s giving you muffin top (insert eye roll here).

Boody Wear

Thinking about how cold I’m going to be in three days time

Boody Wear

Booty Boody

Boody Wear

Squat test!

Boody Wear

Feeling myself

Boody Wear

It’s still there 🍑

Boody Wear

Yes I am

Boody Wear

Styling in Ireland

All in all I was really surprised at the quality of the products, and also the warmth they gave me. I’m pretty sure it would work with your body to cool it down in warm climates and keep it warm in cold climates.

It’s a thumbs up from me!


If you want to learn more about Boody Wear you can visit them on Facebook here and their website here.




*This outfit was sent to me by Boody Wear. I was not paid to write this post. All views are my own and I only ever recommend something I like. If I don’t like something, I won’t write about it.


Fitness Friday

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I have been eyeing out these amazing pants since December, but I just haven’t got round to getting some, until now! I got 3 pairs in one day… and now I am obsessed. When you run, you want something shorter, but most that you find end up riding up and you spend more time pulling your tights down than actually running! That’s where these are amazing. They stay down!

Introducing FUNKY PANTS:

1. When did you start Funky Pants?
Funky Pants were born in 2009 to fight boredom one pair at a time.

2. How did you start Funky Pants?
Historically we organised a national series of ocean paddling races and we would make black paddling pants as prizes. Tracy decided to make some Funky Pants for fun. Everyone loved them immediately.

3. Who should wear Funky Pants?
Anyone who wears plain black tights for their sport and physical activity, needs to fight boredom with a pair of Funky Pants. We use ours for Gym, running, Yoga, swimming, Tennis, Tri-athlon and paddling.

4. What sports would you recommend Funky Pants for? SEE ABOVE
AKA Everyone!

5. Which ones are your favourite?
THAT depends on what outfit I am planning to wear. The thing is that all Funky Pants are ridiculously comfy so it only depends on what shoes I want to wear and the ensemble is built from there.

6. Where can we find them?
THULE retail stores
umhlanga. 329 umhlanga rocks dr (Coastlands Hotel centre)

7. Any plans for other ranges?
Whenever we find suitable high quality printed lycra we buy it to expand the range.

8. Where can we find them on social media?

Go check them out!