It’s gonna be May!

I don’t know about you, but every time I see a picture of Justin Timberlake I sing “It’s gonna be May” in my head. It is a problem! I feel like we wait all year to see it.

I have some plans for this May:


I’ve enjoyed the public holidays to recharge and regroup, and now I am ready to make some serious changes and hustle! There are so many things I want to be better at. We can always put more effort in somewhere, always do more, be more, say more, work more. So that is what I am doing this month!

What you put in is what you get out

Time to put in 5% more than you were putting in yesterday. Wake up 15 minutes earlier to work out.

Stop making excuses and do it! You will be so proud of yourself.


Get it done.

Slay all May


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Monday Motivation 


I love this. Forget about what everyone else is doing and saying, and stick to your gut feels and what you believe. There is enough fakeness going around where people aren’t being true to themselves, and it shows.

Always be authentic. Always be your authentic self!


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Monday Motivation 

This Monday Motivation goes well with our #21DaysOfAwesomeness because everyone taking part is sharing the love! The encouragement and support that strangers are giving each other is so heartwarming to me.

I started the event as a way for whoever wanted to get involved, to be able to challenge themselves for 21 days to achieve what they wanted to. Never did I think we would have more than 10 people. Well over 90 people are doing it and that is a whole lot of love to spread!

Do your bit, spread some love today!

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Quick Ab Slider Circuit (Video)

I put together a quick circuit you can do to blast those abs!

If you don’t have sliders you can do it with your socks on, on a wooden or tiled surface, or even face cloths or paper plates!



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Today’s Monday Motivation is all about forming new habits.

That’s it. 21 days. You can do that right?

You can literally take it one day at a time. 21 times. That doesn’t sound so bad does it?

  • 21 times of being active
  • 21 times of going without sugar in your coffee
  • 21 times of going for a 20 minute walk
  • 21 times of saying something nice to yourself every morning
  • 21 times of drinking hot lemon water first time in the morning
  • 21 times fitting in 15 minutes of body weight circuits at home
  • 21 times of saying no to fast foods
  • 21 times of being friendly
  • 21 times of not being negative
  • 21 times of saying no to buying new clothes
  • 21 times of drinking more water
  • 21 times of packing lunch for work

Doesn’t seem so bad does it?



21 days for a habit to form

Monday motivation


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