The Durban10K is coming to Durban for the first time this October. Have you entered yet? I’m getting ready to run and I want you with me.

We live in a beautiful city, and what is better than seeing our city from the streets? We get to run through town, see some famous landmarks and end off seeing our beautiful sea as well. That sounds like a perfect route to me! I am most excited about this route because it is so different. I personally have never run into town, and we have such amazing buildings around that I think it is going to be beautiful to run through.

You don’t have to be the fittest person, or the most experienced, or the fastest. You just have to want to try something different! There will be so many people doing it with you, that it really will be so fun. I always enjoy doing these fun runs with a friend, because it’s a great way to catch up, have a laugh and encourage each other. I have a feeling we will be stopping to take some pics along the way too!

The route is pram friendly, for those that want to push their little ones along, and walkers are also welcome. You may find me walking from halfway…


Now for even better news!

I am giving away 2 entries! All you have to do is comment below with what your favourite part of running is. That simple! Winners will be randomly selected on Friday 1st September.

If you don’t win tickets, you can purchase your entries online until the 25th of September!

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Find more info on their website.


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I will be doing a fun beginner walk/run in September to get us going for this. If you’d like to join us, keep an eye on my Facebook page and I will be launching an event on there this week.


See you on the road!


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