Christmas Gifting

Christmas time is upon us, again, can you believe it? I feel like this year has raced past us! I’m sure most of you haven’t even started shopping yet, I for one shop throughout the year and can confidently say I have wrapped up all my presents and I am ready to go! I have a thing for Christmas and get a tad excited, if you couldn’t tell.

I thought I would give you some unique ideas for brands that I love using and personally know, so you can feel better knowing you are supporting a fab small business that really appreciates its customers.


Bare Naturals

This mother-daughter duo create amazing organic, handmade skincare that is not only incredibly good for you, but it is really affordable too! I love this little starter kit (R250) because it is the perfect travel size, but also your person can try it out and see if it’s the right product for them without committing to a few months of products. The cleanser is my all time fav! They also have male grooming kits with beard oil which is the perfect Christmas gift for the man in your life, as well as baby products for those baby shower gifts you need. I can also vouch for the clear roller, as I use it every day as well.

Find them on Facebook and shop their website.



Christy-Anne Jewellery

Christy has been making my jewellery for a few years now. She made my new ring from my gran’s wedding band, and right this minute she is making me another special ring with the remaining gold from my gran. I love my special pieces because she puts so much love and care into making them.

You can shop her amazing collection of ready made pieces on her website right now. I love these ear crawlers and have the exact same pair! She has rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and so many pieces that would make the perfect Christmas gift for someone special in your life.

Find her on Facebook and shop her website.



Melissa Mitchell Photography

Melissa takes the most gorgeous photos of newborns and families! I constantly find myself scrolling through her Facebook feed at the incredible moments of Joy that she has captured. She always manages to get those special candid moments every time. She also shot amazing photos of me and some goats, yes goats. (See those here)

She has an amazing special at the moment, that would make an incredible Christmas gift! Hurry because she only has one or two spots left.

Find her on Facebook and visit her website.



Mermaids and Unicorns

Well who wouldn’t want to be a Mermaid or a Unicorn? If you have seen any photos of me in leggings, it is an 80% chance they were Mermaids&Unicorns! I own the most pairs of them with 20% of my other leggings being Puma. I love their quirky designs, the smooth feel of the material and the amazing fit. They have also brought out limited amounts of kiddie leggings! Look how adorable they are? I think they are a fab gift, and they also have gift vouchers available on their website too.

Visit their Facebook and shop their website.

Christmas Christmas


Eco Gem Gem

Gemma makes the most incredible Vegan-Friendly products. She makes bags that look like leather, but are animal friendly. She also makes amazing tops, caps, veggie bags and other environmentally friendly products that we all should own. I love her mix of fabrics and the designs she creates. She hand makes these bags, and even with that fact I find her pricing is so reasonable.

Visit her Facebook page and Instagram for some amazing products.



It’s a Bling Thing

I can’t not mention my own brands in here! I make these awesome clutch bags that double as an iPad clutch! Who doesn’t want a dual purpose item? They’re going for R200-250 online and there are some Proudly South African designs, as well as some florals and other commercial designs. The Koo makes me so nostalgic!

You can find these on Facebook and shop them online.





We also have awesome phone covers! They are all on sale now so if you want to get your mom a new cover that won’t cost an arm and a leg, head over here


We also have THE cutest baby and toddler clothes that you need! Have a look online here!


There you have it! A little something for everyone, shopping and supporting local and lovely small businesses.


If you have any questions just pop me an email or visit those lovely pages and they’ll be more than happy to chat.


Happy shopping



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The Fix in Durban 

The Fix launched their store in West Street, Durban and I popped along to see it. Now we all know that I am a little obsessed with their brand, because it’s stylish AND affordable, with a side of quirky too. I was spoilt with a voucher to spend and I found the perfect items <3

Want to see what I got myself? Have a look!

Yes please to this life!

Yes please to this life!

Cutest crop tops!

Cutest crop tops!

All of our fav things in one wallet? Well played

All of our fav things in one wallet? Well played


This top, it is life

Boston knows it's Monday

Boston knows it’s Monday

Monday dreamer...

Monday dreamer…

This top and these shades <3

This top and these shades <3

Best top!

Best top!

the fix

All about the whateverrrrrrr

Find your closet store online at

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Welcome to The Fix!


I was one of the lucky bloggers flown down to Cape Town for the launch of The Fix in Canal Walk. I got to go on this adventure with my girls Fayinthemaze and Thando and it was non stop fun since we stepped onto that flight.

Fashion IMG_6574

So you may know the name Fashion Express, well those stores are being upgraded to The Fix. The Fix is the new fashion forward, funky and fun brand that you will fall in love with! They mix fashion with affordable, making it, in my opinion, the new front runner in affordable fashion. I loved all of the items and it was pretty hard deciding what to buy! There are shoes (amazing shoes), accessories, clothing and basically anything you need to put together an entire look. You could walk in wearing your underwear and walk out in a whole outfit, handbag and hat included.

Fashion IMG_6607  My look

From the moment we arrived at the store the atmosphere was electric. The music set the mood with the hottest little DJ spinning some beats. Her own dance moves tempted your hips into matching her beat. Fayinthemaze: “I don’t even like this song but I can’t stop moving to it.” We didn’t know where to look first, but it became clear when we spotted the actual print campaign models being live mannequins modelling the outfits. It really helped bring the clothes to life! We walked around doing a quick lap to see everything and made mental notes of our favourites. We then sat at the awesome kicks station where we could design our own high tops! Every girl’s dream. Their favourite design will be made into an actual shoe and sold in their stores! There were indefinite amounts of pizza squares floating about as well as walking candy stations. Basically everything we love (speckled eggs hello!)

Fashion IMG_6694


We went on our shopping hunt, starting off together but then it was every man  woman for herself! About half an hour later I found the girls again, after trying on all of my looks and heading to the till. I may have (definitely did), sign up for the loyalty card, because who doesn’t want to be rewarded every time they shop?

Fashion IMG_6648 IMG_6654 Fashion IMG_6665 IMG_6670



What I love about this brand is not just their amazing prices, because who can afford to buy an entire new wardrobe these days? But I love the style as well. It is so funky and fresh, we desperately needed another affordable fashion brand so we aren’t all walking around in the same thing. You can shop pieces to go with your existing wardrobe which I love. Their jackets and coats are amazing fabric that are actually perfect for Durban even in Summer. There is a coat that Fay got and I didn’t and now I am so sad that I have to go and get it because FOMO! If you haven’t seen that pic you should check out her instagram!

Fashion IMG_6663 IMG_6664 IMG_6666 IMG_6667 IMG_6713




We were lucky enough to be able to stay another day with our family in Cape Town so Fay and I did a little tour of the coffee shops and diabetes causing  treats we have been eying on instagram for so long! It was so fun running around Cape Town with her and also being able to see my bestie who is due to pop any day now with her baby boy. It was such a special trip all round and I can’t thank the Foschini group and The Fix enough for the opportunity. The Joburg bloggers we met have already become friends (we even have a whatsapp group now), and the Cape Town blogger is the most stylish gorgeous girl as well! Everyone we met at the event was worth their weight in gold. Nothing makes me happier than good natured, down to earth people that are so friendly and nice!





Thank you Cape Town! If you missed it all on snap chat, I’ll be putting together a little vlog this week on my youtube channel GiJaneSA


Airport attire

Airport attire


Follow The Fix on Instagram and like them on Facebook

You can also locate your nearest store on their Website



The team over at Gateway theatre of shopping put together an awesome day for a few of us to get to know what gateway offers, and how you can pack a full day of action in at the shopping centre. Judging from the AMAZING invite we each got, I knew it was going to be just as awesome with amazing attention to detail. I really wasn’t wrong…


We started off at my favourite coffee shop in Gateway, So Whipped (Obviously I was thrilled with this coffee stop!)

Candice put on a fabulous breakfast high tea and we ate ALL OF THE THINGS! I basically know the menu backwards, so I was all about eating everything!

Yes, you are correct, that is a MINI CRONUT! Her barone cronuts are incredible……

Squad be like……


Bowling, when last? I really can’t remember the last time I actually went bowling. This was SO fun! It’s one of those times when you sit there thinking “Why haven’t I done this in so long?!”

I ended up winning highest score for the girls! Don’t know how I pulled that off but it was so fun.

Mr Andy Carrie in action!

After bowling we went outside to go action karting. The boys within the boys/men really did come out. I had actually totally forgotten that the karting was still at gateway, so this was such a great reminder!


Miss Thando rocking that bull ride!

My prize for being top scoring lady!

Warehouse sessions! It isn’t as easy as it looks, but oh so fun!

We got to make our own phone cases at iKase. It only takes about 15min to make so you can go shopping while its being made. I

Our last stop was the iPlanet golf just outside. It is a virtual golf experience, so you can perfect that swing without breaking any windows or losing any balls 😉

Such a fun day with an awesome bunch of people!


Lunch platters from Mozambik!



Thank you to Gateway for the awesome day and to all of the sponsors for looking after us so well all day!

Their last stop was Beluga for sushi lessons, which I’m really sad I had to miss but I heard everyone had the best time!

You can see more pictures by searching #MyGateway on instagram and twitter!