Red Bull girls day out

Red Bull treated some of us Durban girls to a fitness morning down by the beach. What a cracker of a day!

We started off with yoga on the beach with SurfSup Yoga, followed by SUP’ing on the Ushaka canals and then breakfast at Surf Rider’s. All in all it was an amazing, active morning which I obviously loved!

Red Bull Red Bull Red Bull Red Bull

So zen and in the moment!

Red Bull

Taking pics of my beautiful girl Nadia!

Red Bull

Squad goals!

Red Bull Red Bull Red Bull Red Bull Red Bull Red Bull

What fun! I feel like a natural

Red Bull Red Bull Red Bull Red Bull Red Bull

Nadia and I decided to jog back!

Red Bull Red Bull

But we had to stop for some selfies… obvs

Red Bull Red Bull


Thanks Red Bull for an awesome morning out!

You can find them on Instagram and Facebook.

Pics by the talented Samora Chapman


You’ve GOAT to be kidding me

When Mermaids and Unicorns brought out their Goatchella leggings I knew I had to have them! Who doesn’t love a goat?

I also knew I had to have photos IN them with a GOAT! So me being me, I made it happen. I roped in my friend Melissa of Melissa Mitchell Photography and off we went to play with some goats!

It was one of the best days of my life. Obviously.


The moment when it puts its head on your chest to cuddle you


I’ll just do my own goat yoga!

Goat Goat Goat Goat Goat Goat

Usually I would worry about the fact that I don’t have a full face of makeup, or that my arms aren’t in Summer shape yet, or the rolls when I was sitting down, but I am having the BEST time with these little creatures and I don’t even care about that stuff! Isn’t that how it should be?

Goat Goat Goat Goat Goat Goat Goat Goat


As you can see, I am living my BEST life and honestly I was giddy the whole way through!


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Puma Velvet Rope Collection hits stores

PUMA has launched their new Velvet Rope Collection

It’s no secret that I’m a big PUMA fan, and each new collection that comes out impresses me even more! When I saw the Velvet Rope Collection, and the fact that one of our own fierce women Nomzamo Mbatha was part of it, well let’s just say I was blown away! Kylie Jenner is part of this collection again, as well as the New York City Ballet dancers. So as you can imagine, the images online are incredible.

The idea behind the Velvet Rope is that dividing line between the queue and the party. You can choose to wait. Or you can choose to stand out and own the moment with a confidence that radiates and commands. (I vote this option).

I love that the full collection is a mixture of sporty and sleek. You can use it to train in or pair it with some of your existing separates and you’re all good for a night out. (The bodysuit is HOT). I’m loving the olive and copper colours, but there’s also navy and silver if you fancy.

This collection continues on with the awesome “DO YOU” campaign, which encourages women to be confidant in themselves and their ability, and to focus on what you’re doing instead of those around you. I love this so much. It’s high time we all supported each other in our quest to love ourselves more and to back ourselves.

I shot some pictures with Clayton Barker of Barker Design, and we totally rocked the #DoYou theme!

What do you think?









Puma Puma





The Autumn-Winter 2017 Velvet Rope Collection is available now at PUMA stores, sportscene, Totalsports, Edgars, Edgars Active, Sportsmans Warehouse, Takealot, The Crosstrainer, Superbalist, Spree, Zando and selected retailers nationwide.

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So do you have what it takes to #DoYou?



National Alpaca Day

National Alpaca Day is a thing, in case you didn’t know.

I didn’t know, even though I am obsessed with them. But as soon as I found out, I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to see one in real life! I spotted a Facebook event by Serena Alpaca to come to their farm in the Midlands. Road trip to the Midlands for a day? If I have to…

Well! it was more than I could have imagined. Just as we drove in I started getting giddy as we saw the first lot in their fenced off area. They are the cutest things I have ever seen! It was already the best day ever, I had decided. Realising that there was definitely more to this farm than just the welcoming committee we thought we should go explore more.

We drove up to the main farm, reluctantly, but oh my gosh this was even better! We got to go in the actual pen and feed them, what an experience! We stayed for over an hour, maybe more, because I just couldn’t get enough of them.



You know I had to get out to do a #JaneJump!

Alpaca Alpaca


Alpaca Alpaca


Alpaca selfie!! I actually couldn’t stop or be held back at this stage.


Alpaca 69C99936-60A6-4F1D-BF87-4E1D8109699A Alpaca Alpaca Alpaca Alpaca Alpaca Alpaca Alpaca



Alpaca Alpaca Alpaca Alpaca Alpaca Alpaca Alpaca Alpaca Alpaca Alpaca

We obviously needed to calm down after that. But we I mean me, I needed to calm down. We headed to Rawdon’s for their Sunday roast! It was soon good!


I was giddy all the way home. Actually for a few days I was beyond obsessed and recruiting everyone to the I LOVE ALPACAS club. They are just the cutest and I want one!


Have you seen one in real life? Are you obsessed like me? They are just magical don’t you think?


Granny Mouse

Granny Mouse, what an amazing country house

Granny Mouse Country House is a name that most people in Durban know. For me, hearing that name created images of fire places, hot chocolate, fluffy blankets and cute thatched cottages. Basically what I had seen in photos online, is what you get in person.

It was way better than I could have imagined.

This trip came at the perfect time, I was going through the biggest loss of my life to date, my precious Queen Joan (my granny) had passed away a few days before. I contemplated not going, but then I thought if you’re going to be sad somewhere, it might as well be at gorgeous Granny Mouse. It also helped having Cath with me to keep me laughing and my mind busy. She helped, A LOT!

From the moment we arrived we were treated as family. For me, that’s such a new feeling when staying somewhere, because usually you’re just a number. At Granny Mouse, you’re part of their family, as they welcome you home.

I was a bit worried going in Winter, to the Midlands, because I know how cold it gets. So I really packed all of the warm clothes I have, but, I didn’t need them when we were in our beautiful suite! There was the most perfect fireplace, as well as electric blankets on the bed. To say we were warm would be an understatement! It was so nice and toasty.

Granny Mouse

Granny Mouse

Granny Mouse

The view from our room was amazing. I claimed a reading corner very quickly! This can also double up as kiddie beds, or as we like to say, it’s Delia sized. (She is our tiny friend who we tried to convince to drive up spontaneously).

Everything in the room has the most amazing attention to details. I am somewhat of a bath hog, so to see the amount of bath oil, bath salts and bubble bath made my visions of a giant Sunset bath that much more real.


Granny Mouse

After settling into our room we headed to our spa appointment! Present Jane was loving past Jane for once again being brilliant in guessing what future Jane would want. It really is a gift.

On our way to the spa, we decided we HAD to take some selfies at their epic selfie frame! I mean, they’ve gone to so much trouble, it would be rude not to. I would like to tell you about the photos Cath took without her glasses on, but I can’t because she would kill me.

But look how fun these ones are! I had to do a #JaneJump of course.

Granny Mouse

Everything about these grounds just screams magical. Walking around you feel like you’re somewhere else completely, but at the same time you have that warmth that only home can bring. We had an amazing time at the spa, and we had a little look inside the chapel. I can see why this is such a sought after wedding venue! I even caught Cath in the act of getting the perfect shot 😉

We were treated to the most incredible dinner experience. Wow. A private 3 course dinner in the wine cellar! When they said the cellar, I thought it was the name of the restaurant. Nope, the literal wine cellar. Just the two of us! It was such an amazing experience, honestly. The food was incredible! I have not eaten like that ever. The dessert! I would go back just for the dessert it was ridiculous.

Granny Mouse

After dinner we moved to the lounge area to sit by the fire and just be. With everything that I was going through this time was just so perfect. We chatted, we instagram storied, we laughed. Perfection.

We went back to our room, made a fire, got into our onesies and had some tea! What an epic girls night.

Waking up to that view was like a dream. We made some tea and headed outside for morning tea on the deck.

It was a bit cold that day so we bundled up and headed to breakfast. After breakfast we decided to do the short river trail walk. It was short enough to enjoy but long enough to feel like you’ve done something. You can do the longer version, but we weren’t feeling too adventurous that day.

We just loved our time at Granny Mouse and this room is definitely on our list of favourite spaces! I know I will definitely be back.

Granny Mouse isn’t just a good looking gal, she has accomplished some pretty big things in her life.

The Eaves restaurant was chosen in the Eat Out Top 500 restaurants in South Africa for the third time as well as being voted the winner of Service Excellence- KwaZulu-Natal- South Africa in The Luxury Travel Guide Awards (Africa & Middle East Awards 2017).

Among other awards, they have won Best Luxury Accommodation & Spa Resort in KZN as well as the Hospitality Manager of the Year 2017 for KZN in the Sub-Saharan Enterprise Awards 2017.

Who wouldn’t want to stay somewhere that has won those accolades? I can tell you they’re all well deserved.

Thank you to Granny Mouse for being so accommodating and having such a family vibe towards everyone who visits. It is so refreshing to feel like one of the family!

You can find Granny Mouse on Instagram, twitter and Facebook.

To book your visit go to the Granny Mouse Website.