Getting to know Heather Mason

I met Heather on a trip to Cape Town for Gillette Venus Swirl. We met at the airport and straight away you could tell she was so spunky, bright and a pleasure to be around. Heather shares her travels around South Africa, and it’s so refreshing to see it from an American’s view. She makes me want to travel through Joburg and see more of our country!

Lets get to know Heather Mason…

What does healthy mean to you?
To me, healthy means living a life that makes me happy and doing everything in moderation.


What is your chosen form of exercise?
Boxing. I train three mornings a week at the Hillbrow Boxing Club in Johannesburg. I also do an occasional short run.


What does your way of health eating look like?
I used to be a lot more careful about what I eat: making an effort to eat only whole grains; buying local whenever possible; limiting fat, sugar, and processed foods; and eating tons of fresh fruit and vegetables every day. This is still what healthy eating looks like for me, but I must admit I’ve lost some of my discipline since moving from the U.S. to South Africa in 2010. I struggle to find the time to shop for super-healthy food (a time-consuming process in Joburg, because you have to visit so many different shops), and life as a travel blogger exposes me to a lot of naughty (but delicious) food. And to be honest I’ve just decided that life is too short 🙂


What is your passion project?
My blog, of course! I’ve made a life in South Africa for myself through my blog, and it means the world to me.


What does a typical day look like for you?
I work as a freelance writer and photographer, and no day is ever the same. But here’s one example of a day: I get up at 6:00 a.m. and drive to the Hillbrow Boxing Club for a morning workout. Come home, have coffee and breakfast, check emails and Instagram, catch up on work and write a blog post. In the afternoon, go out an do something in the city — visit a friend’s art gallery, go fabric-shopping at the Oriental Plaza, check out a new coffee shop that I want to blog about. Take pictures. Come home, have dinner, and hang out with my boyfriend and my cat. Go to bed early.


What would you like people to know about you?
Wow, that’s a difficult question to answer. I guess I want people to know that I’m genuine and real, both in my blog and in life.


What would you like people to know about your work/business?
I’m a storyteller. I love telling stories about my life in South Africa, and particularly my life in Johannesburg. I feel very privileged that I’ve been able to make a living out of doing that.


Favourite workout song?
“Mama Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool J.


Favourite exercise and why?
Boxing pad work. I’ve participated in many different sports and exercise programs in my life, but boxing provides the best full-body workout of anything I’ve ever done.


Favourite quote/advice?
I kind of hate quotes. But I guess my most useful piece of advice would be: Accept yourself for who you are and let go of everything that doesn’t matter.

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Getting to know Cee

I met Cee at the Travel bloggers indaba this year and her upbeat personality got my attention right away. This girl is cheery, feisty and loves everything travel!

Lets get to know Cee:


What does healthy mean to you?
Healthy means being fit for your own body type. I think people have these unrealistic ideas about what “Healthy” looks like without understanding that we are all made up of different gene codes. If you don’t feel fit you’re probably not but being fit doesn’t mean being skinny either. I have been on both ends of the scale being a size ladies 28 pants as a teen which wouldn’t stay on without belts. I was very sick at that point of my life, not eating etc.
To being a size 42 during my childhood from comfort eating. Now I am in the low 30’s and couldn’t be happier. With my curves and muscular thigh which I got from dancing in my younger years, ballet, modern, hip hop and tap. My stamina is good and I am more active than half the people I know. And confident in my shape 🙂

What is your chosen form of exercise?

SWIMMING! Lol anything water related. I have literally been a water baby all my life. Give me a pool or the beach and once I am in that’s it folks. Also as a teen I spent an entire winter swimming 3 hours a day and haven’t had an asthma attack since. I am super keen to try out Stand Up Paddle Boarding.
And walking. I come from a family of walkers and hikers. And its how I best like to discover new cities and countries etc when I do travel. Being on one’s feet just opens up so many opportunities for adventure and discovery.



What does your way of healthy eating look like?
I don’t believe in diets or limiting yourself to some thing with a diet mind set. I do believe in living a certain lifestyle. About a year ago I cut out most carbs on advice from a friend to see the benefits, while it did make a different to my body feeling lethargic it felt more like a constricted diet, to which I don’t like. So while I haven’t eaten rice in over a year, on occasion I have bread and pasta meals.
Although in this house we do try and eat as much organic food and stick to meal options that are good for your body when eating out. ie vegges over slap chips as a side dish 🙂
I am very lucky as I was lactose intolerant most of my childhood and so never much suffered from a sweet tooth. I may buy a chocolate or jelly beans once a month…if I remember to 🙂



What is your passion project?
Travelling. I know that’s an odd answer but that is what I have been working to since I could walk and what I will continue to. I have no interest in houses, debts, bonds, and living a life behind the desk. Back packing, walking, hostel sleeping and seeing the world is what I am all about. It’s hard for people who aren’t born that way to understand why some of us are like that, but its the easiest thing in the world for me to understand.
So after 12 years in the hospitality industry (restaurants, bars, hotels, game reserves, weddings, conferences etc) I am now finally in Travel & Tourism and Social Media Brand Marketing, which is an industry that I absolutely LOVE! Its the best thing I have ever done for myself. And allows me opportunities to travel.



What does a typical day look like for you?
A typical day? Waking up between 05h00 – 07h00, making coffee, feeding the dogs, and opening my emails, twitter, website and outsourced projects. And unless I have an event to cover or a meeting to get to that is where I will be until 02h30 – 03h00 the following morning. I do content writing, brand marketing amongst other things both for my site and international brands. I am always networking 24/7 to build both my website and relationships between brands in SA and abroad. Its a non stop job with no set time zone lol 🙂



What would you like people to know about you?
I’m crazy! If I had an unlimited bank account, I’d spend the rest of my life travelling! (I’m single…can I put that here?) roflol.
I love thrillers, action and horror movies, but cant stand romantic comedies.. 🙁
I have an obsession with cars and bikes and the history channel.
When it comes to dress sense, I march to my own band, honey!
I love lumo colors! The brighter the better!
I shout at the TV when watching rugby!
I am adopted, not many people know this. I speak English and Afrikaans, and am trying to learn German online 🙂
What would you like people to know about your work/business?
This is only the beginning, what I’m doing now and building are the foundation to get me where I want to get in life. And once I am there I plan to start building up, and creating a small empire. I have done so much in my tiny life that I can only imagine what the next few years has for me. I am always looking for new opportunities, so if you know someone………. 🙂



Favourite workout song?
NO LAUGHING! But anything by Missy Elliott! Seriously that woman can make me move, its intense! With a hip hop backround, when she comes on, its crumping and breaking and all out booty shaking on my lounge floor.
Oddly though it depends on my mood….
If I am keen for a stretch session, then I revert to my ballet training, and its all Celine Dion, Alanis Morisette, Bette Midler, Adele vibes. And my cat thinks its hilarious 🙂



Favourite exercise and why?
I think in a way travelling is my favorite exercise. You tend to be more adventurous and open to try new sports and activities when you’re in a new place with new sites and sounds etc. I get bored easily but the next bit of travelling I do, I am super keen to try volcano boarding, white river rafting, stand up paddle boarding which is a core killer apparently and some other things.



Favourite quote/advice?
DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! I can not express how much happiness I have found in the last year of my life over the last 12. It’s un-comparable to anything.


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Gi Jane in South Korea: Day One

So one year ago today, I was on the biggest adventure of my life! I won a trip to South Korea with Kia and I was at the airport!

I had been so excited leading up to today, that I literally couldn’t sleep. I think I started packing a week before! I was wondering what it would be like, would I like it, would I like the 3 other people, have I packed the right things?!

Turns out I didn’t have to worry about any of those things.

  1. South Korea is amazing!!
  2. I packed perfectly
  3. The boys were amazing and we became friends from the minute we met
  4. I loved the culture
  5. We were taken care of every second of the day

This was obviously very exciting for me

Best news ever!!!

The calm before the storm. (The butterflies in my stomach were the storm)

This album was basically on repeat. Ask the boys!

Randy gave us some Kia merch at the airport!

Of course i did Hello Kitty nails!

Plane selfie, because plane


Considering we had just met at the airport in Joburg, this sneaky selfie was a bit too soon Gavin!

Sneaky selfies became a thing with us 4


So the boys decided to mock me the whole time saying I’m always charging my phone, which isn’t entirely false since I was snap chatting everything. They called me #AlwaysCharging from then on.

Yes yes

Myself, Gavin and Sechaba (aka Nation) met in Joburg, and we met Herman (aka Junior) in Singapore because his flight went directly from Cape Town. I must say, for someone travelling out of SA for the first time, Junior did SO well travelling by himself to Singapore! Especially as a 19 year old. We all waited for him as we exited the plane in Singapore and again, there wasn’t a moment of awkwardness between us. We were so lucky with our little team!

Team SA!

From the moment we arrived in Seoul, we were treated like Royalty. They are the most incredible people living in the most incredible city. I can’t wait to return!

I loved learning about the culture as well as how our amazing Kia vehicles are made. Huge thanks to Kia South Africa for the amazing opportunity!

I made a little highlights video of Day one last year if you haven’t watched it have a click!

See you tomorrow for Gi Jane in Korea Day 2

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Last week I was lucky enough to attend the Indaba Travel Bloggers Conference ahead of Indaba 2015. What an amazing experience! I roped in my fab friend  Fay of @fayinthemaze and we had the BEST day.

There were so many informative talks, interesting people and amazing bloggers. It really was a dream day.  I got to see friends like Sandy NeneAndy Carrie,  Fred FeltonKathryn Rossiter and finally meet Natalie Roos

I will definitely be booking again next year!! Thank you to William PriceFred Felton and Stuart Parker for an outstanding event.


Til next year…