Gulfood 2017

Gulfood is the world’s largest annual food and beverage event, taking place in Dubai. I was lucky enough to attend this year with Vit Hit and it was overwhelming!

Gulfood has:

  • Over 95 000 visitors
  • Over 5000 exhibitors
  • Over 1000 first time exhibitors
  • Over 120 trading countries
  • 90% of visitors confirm that Gulfood fulfils their business objectives.
  • 89% of past visitors will attend Gulfood again.
  • 52% of visitors attend Gulfood with a predetermined list of products to purchase


I was quite excited to get to the healthy and gluten free hall, expecting stall after stall and delicious products I could bring back for us here. Well, I walked through it in 5 minutes flat! Lets hope that next year there will be a few more, then a few more, and eventually have a full hall full of gluten free, sugar free goodness. The world is waking up to the benefits of healthier food, so hopefully we see more of it at these events too.


What I noticed was a lot of pre-made, frozen desserts for the hotels and hospitality industry. We don’t see that here too much, but Chateau Gateaux are probably our front runner here. I have never see so many pre-made brands in one space as I saw there. It’s definitely a huge market over there and my favourite was Pro Bake. It may have had something to do with their gorgeous stand and their amazing staff! I quickly made friends with Amber, and basically popped in there every day. Coffee and treats followed by chats, a good week if you ask me 😉 Their ice cream was INCREDIBLE! I loved the cookies and cream, but oh my word the strawberry cheesecake flavour was out of this world. So innovative with real ingredients and real taste. I’m salivating thinking about it!


ProBakes whoopie pies


ProBakes macarons and donuts!




Yup, ProBakes


The ProBakes ice cream was next level!


Doing my Vit Hit duty!


The best health drink out there!


It’s true!


Vit Hit in a can


Breakfast with the South African ambassadors in UAE




Some of the gluten free section


More gluten free


Not tooooo bad but I’ve had better gluten free goodies


All types and flavours of honey


Some more gluten free treats


This chocolate looked so interesting!


More pre-made frozen goodies


This is just the entrance. There are 9 HUGE halls that are about the size of the ICC, EACH


This was the entrance quiet!


Have you been to Gulfood before?


Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday is about an awesome new app one of my clients told me about. My fitness pal is a fab way of tracking your calories for the day, logging your exercise and motivating yourself and your friends.

You download it and input all of your details. You can decide if you want to lose weight, gain weight or maintain. You then decide how much you want to lose, and how much per week. The app then works out your calories for the day according to your weight, height and age. As you input your meals over the day it subtracts the calories from the total. You always know how many you still have available.

Another feature I love is the way you can add your friends and follow their progress. I think it’s a great way to stay motivated and keep each other in check and be accountable for your eating. It’s a great way for me to track my clients and their eating habits! You can also link it to your facebook, if you want to be really accountable for your actions. You can also sync it with your other fitness apps such as RunKeeper etc, so your workouts get transferred into your MyFitnessPal log.

The app is free and available from the app store, so go and get it!







Fitness Friday is sponsored by Vit Hit. Follow the low cal drink Here



Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday is brought to you by Vit Hit
The diabetic friendly drink! Follow them Here

Today we are talking to Jenna from Lungile Health, about PILATES

1. What got you into teaching pilates?

I have always been interested in human movement so it was a natural progression for me to study the pilates method, which deepened my understanding of controlled movement, muscle recruitment and precision.

2. What is your favourite thing about pilates?
I love how people start to really understand their bodies and learn how to control and move them. Seeing how clients can connect and improve is so rewarding. The method enables people to move more easily and improve flexibility but also to be strong and precise in your movements. It is an amazing balance between strength and length, control and fluidity. It is also incredibly indulgent and relaxing.

3. What are the benefits of pilates?
With pilates the benefits are both physical and mental. The sessions are taxing and require some hard work but also have moments of stretching and breathing which is relaxing and centres you. By the end of the session you feel tired but relaxed almost like being wrung out 🙂

Pilates is often used to treat back pain and other biomechanics injuries caused from being ‘imbalanced’ by isolating movements you are able to target weak areas and try decrease compensatory movements. I highly recommend this form of exercise to EVERYONE.

4. Who would you recommend come to you for pilates?
Anyone can do pilates but you must try to find a class that suits your level of ability. Start with one on one sessions if you are a beginner or join a beginners class. You must try to understand a few principles before joining a group class so that you can get the most from the sessions. From there, it is possible to improve and go to different classes such as advances mat, Foam roller classes, Big stability ball classes or use equipment and attend classes with a chair, barrel or reformer and cadilac. As you improve so you can attend more challenging sessions. Pilates clients range from male athletes to little old ladies. We welcome you all 😉

5. What is your favourite pilates exercise?
I really love to teach and improve the Roll Up. It is a smooth movement from lying on your back curling yourself up and off the mat until seated. It gives away so many clues to where people are weak and offers a good way to measure improvement.

6. Tell us about your classes, what can one expect?
I teach basic mat classes with own body weight and use assists such as therabands, foam rollers, big and small balls as well as a few other devices that take a simple exercise and make it harder 😉 My classes are a non threatening environment where people who first begin fit right in and those that have been coming regularly still get a good work out.

7. What are your class times and days?
Classes are daily with some evening, mid morning and early morning sessions. You can find the time table here

8. What are the costs?
We do monthly rates for once a week of R300 and twice a week of R460.

9. Where can we find you?
We are in Durban North at 54 Balmoral Drive. Give us a shout on 031 564 1001 to ask for directions if you need to 🙂

10. Any additional info you’d like to share on pilates?
YES!! I have loads more info on pilates and it’s benefits and I would love to share it all with you. But for now my advice is to try it out and see if you enjoy it. It really is a fabulous way to get strong from the inside out.





Fitness friday is brought to you by Vit Hit. SA’s healthiest drink with the lowest calories! Follow here

It’s January. That means everyone is in a flat panic trying to work off the ridiculous vast amounts of food and alcohol consumed over the festive period!
So here is something FREE for you to get into that is healthy and will make you happy!

Vida e caffe at Beacon rock in Umhlanga holds a free morning run on a Wednesday at 6am!
How awesome??

There is a great bunch of people doing it, and whats better than a coffee after a run?

Happy running!





Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday today is about our sponsor, Vit Hit
Vit Hit is an amazing new low calorie drink available in South Africa!

VitHit is manufactured in Ireland and sold worldwide. It was created because of a lack of healthy drinks available in our fridges today. Most drinks contain buckets of sugar. Sugar means calories, and people no longer want calories in their diet.

VITHIT also contains 100% Recommended daily allowance of 8 vitamins plus health giving teas and herbs for overall wellbeing.

All Natural ingredients and NO sugar added. Isn’t that amazing??

‘I created VITHIT because I used to see people on treadmills for 30 minutes burning calories then coming off and taking those calories back in with a sports drink. Most sports drinks contain 180 calories, sugar and salts, not exactly ideal for weight loss. Our first mission was to make sure our drinks tasted as good or better than their sugary counterparts, then add as much goodness without compromising on taste’. – Vit Hit founder Gary Lavin

These are their flavours:
Detox (mandarin with Orange and Green Tea) effective antioxidant with Vitamin C for perfect overall protection – for cleansing and energising the body
Boost (Berry with blackberry and rosehip containing rooibos tea and ginseng) For instant healthy energy. My favourite!
Lean & Green (Green apple and elderflower containing Mate Tea and L Carnitine) perfect for those that want to give their body an extra boost
Revive (citrus with orange and grapefruit –containing Ginseng and White Tea) for prolonged energy throughout the day

Vit Hit Tag line is healthier than an apple and it really does live up to that as their drinks contain 16 – 35 calories only! Perfect for us watching our calories!

Check out their website:
Follow them on twitter @vithitSA