Pop Up Gym comes to Durban!

Ok Durban, we always complain that nothing comes here, but now Pop Up Gym is coming here so rejoice!

Pop Up Gym

Pop Up Gym is the brainchild of Khethiwe Mhlangeni and Letshego Zulu. It is the most amazing Pop Up Gym event, that I have been admiring on social media for ages, and now it is finally in Durban!

We always complain that we don’t get cool things, well it is here and we better support it or we won’t get nice things guys…

This once off event is taking place THIS Saturday at Suncoast on the Sundeck. It is from 8-12 and is going to be tons of fun! There will be workouts like kickboxing, aerobics and partner workouts. There will be awesome giveaways as well, including a R5000 goodie bag to a lucky participant on that morning. *I’m gunning for that!

Pop Up Gym


What will you do with the kids you say?

Did we mention that you can bring your children as well? Incase you were worried about who is going to look after your little ones at the event there is a fun plan for them. They will be learning about their health and fitness the best way they know how to – with games.



Sounds like fun right?

Grab your tickets here

You can find Pop Up Gym on Instagram and Facebook if you want to see what it’s all about.

The Facebook event can be found here

Who is joining me? See you there!


I am giving away TWO Double tickets to this event. One set on Facebook and one on instagram. Go enter now! 

All you have to do is pop over to Facebook or instagram and be following myself, and Pop Up Gym and comment with the person you want to take with you! It’s as simple as that 🙂


Forever Fierce with Puma

I recently did a shoot with Mister Smith while I was in Dubai, and the theme was FOREVER FIERCE with Puma.

I was lucky enough to be dressed by PUMA in their incredible new Swan Pack range.

I love the whole message that PUMA is portraying of #DoYou.

It is so important to be you and follow through with whatever that means to you. I think these days we often find ourselves worrying what other people think of us, instead of following our hearts and what makes us happy.

Stop worrying about the person next to you on the treadmill, focus on your own workout.
Stop worrying about how you measure up to them physically.
Stop worrying about how much more money your friend has.
Stop worrying about the Instagram model you follow.

Worry about you.

Do You.

Forever Fierce Forever Fierce Forever Fierce Forever Fierce Forever Fierce Forever Fierce Forever Fierce Forever Fierce Forever Fierce Forever Fierce Forever Fierce Forever Fierce Forever Fierce

If I was worried about what people thought, I wouldn’t have done a shoot. I wouldn’t have dyed my hair purple. I wouldn’t do a lot of things. But, we need to stay true to ourselves in everything that we do. We need to remember that hashtag and take it with us every day!

To follow Mister Smith and his incredible work you should follow him on Instagram and stalk him on Facebook.

Check out his new website as well and be sure to contact him for any work you need done!


The PUMA Swan Pack is available in store now! You need to be quick as it is selling out as fast as you can imagine. To find your closest store visit their website.

Follow PUMA on Instagram and visit their Facebook page as well.


What do you think of my FIERCE look?


Secret Sunrise comes to Durban

Welcome to the guided dance which celebrates the morning sunrise. Instructors, silent headphones and the most epic way to start a day in the 21st century. Secret Sunrise is here!

I am super excited to announce that I am the franchisee for Secret Sunrise in Durban! This has been such a fun project for me, I am loving it so much.


Dance  jane 4

Jane 2 jane 5

Secret Sunrises are a gathering of like minded individuals who are not scared of radical self expression, movement, love, connection… and to make the time to celebrate the rising sun.

We believe the city is our playground, it is our duty to make it whatever we want it to be. So Secret Sunrise venues are kept a secret until the last minute. Each venue inspires, brings magic people and combined with wireless headphones allows us the safe space to be free as we connect with ourselves, others, the sun, and dance.

The session starts off with a slow section which encourages mindfulness, self thought and relaxation. From there we move onto the groove. This section is all about funky dance moves and shaking it all off. From there we speed up to the horse power section, this is all dance dance dance! We then wind back down to groove and then end off again with the spirit section. Every sunrise is different and so is every playlist. We change venues every time, and only let you know the exact location the day before. You’re told the area when buying tickets so you know if its within your travel region, but some secrets are needed to keep the suspense 😉

jane 6

jane 3

jane 9

jane 12

jane 13

jane 15

jane 22

Tomorrow is an AMAZING venue, Virginia Airport! Who wouldn’t want to dance the sun up right next to the runway?

There are 10 tickets left, so fly over to Quicket to get yours now!

If Saturdays suit you more, check out the Saturday event here.

Visit Melissa Mitchell Photography here 


Monday Motivation 

Sometimes we need to look around us to find inspiration for our daily lives, exercise routines as well as projects we need to do. 

We get so caught up in the daily grind that we forget to stop and look around us. There is inspiration all around us, we just need to find it!

Take a walk outside, go to a park, walk at the beach, find a cute coffee shop, anything out of the ordinary for you. This will get you out of your rut and into a creative space in your head!