My Workspace Wishlist with Superbalist

It’s Spring so I decided to look to Superbalist for some workspace inspiration.

My desk was looking a little sad, so when Superbalist asked me to put together my workspace wishlist I chose items that would inspire me to be creative again. Spring brings with it a need to declutter and I’m in that mode right now!

I popped over to Superbalist and put together my Workspace Wishlist. If you have been following my journey, you know my office is still a work in progress and I add to it weekly. I spent most of my time ogling the Desks & Tables category, as well as the Gifting & Stationery goodies because they are so darn cute!


So here are some delicious new decor items I’m springing (LOL) for:



I am loving the shades of this Ringo Ringbinder set of 3, because we all know I am being more efficient with my tax now, so I definitely need these to house my many slips. (If they’re cute I’ll be more inclined to use them, right?)


Ok we all know that we can’t let our phone battery die, so why not have this beautiful charger on my desk to keep me online?


I LOVE these Tropical Push Pins. I have three pin boards in my office and I think they told me they need some Summer fun!


I just LOVE how chic this chair is! I have been using cubes to sit on, so I think it’s time to have some back support while being uber cute too.


I live for notebooks, and I think this will actually force me to cross those items off my long To Do list!


FUN FACT: I collect erasers. These fit that bill! I love quirky ones and when my dad used to travel when I was young, that is what I asked for. So these are coming to live on my desk.


These tables are so cute! I love the style, and the colour. I also love that there are two! I can either put both in my office, or I can put one in the house as well.


This is where I’m torn. I love the previous tables AND these! I don’t know how I’m going to choose, but I’m thinking I will measure which will suit my office better and go with that one, because how else will I choose? They are both BEAUTIFUL!


I have a thing for florals, and photos. This is the perfect desk topper because I can combine both of those in one! I am so happy right now, the accessories nerd in me is giddy.



Are you in need of a little desk refresh? I think it is definitely the time to do it, because we are all getting to the stage of needing a little pep up before the end of year, and this is the perfect way to do it!

Superbalist has a promo for first-time buyers where you get R250 off your first order! If you’re on apple then download the Superbalist app here!

If you’re on android then download the Superbalist app here!



They’re also having a sale at the moment, so if you’re in the mood for making your own Workspace Wishlist, then your timing is perfect!



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