2016 things I’m happy to never see again


I have a little list of things from 2016 that I am happy to never see again!

2016 things I’m happy to never see again:

  1. Waist trainers – Seriously please don’t waste your money on this crap. It was only made famous by Kim K because she was PAID to make it famous. You do not need to redistribute your internal organs to appear smaller, because that is what you’re doing FYI. I like my kidneys where they are thanks.

2. Body Shaming – Can we not? I don’t know why people feel the need to be a dick towards someone else, whether they know them or not! Majority happens when it is someone they don’t know, so they feel better about shaming the person on social media. I don’t know when the world became such a mean place.

3. Starvation diets – Ladies, please know that you are amazing as you are. If you are wanting to lose a little bit of weight to feel better and be healthier, then you need to eat to lose weight. Good, whole, nutritious food is the way to do it with some exercise. The exercise doesn’t have to be “I am about to vomit through me a bucket” type exercise. Just start slowly with walking every day and then do what you can. (Email me if you need any help)

4. Being a dick – THIS! I have noticed that people just looooove to be a dick these days. Rude, obnoxious, condescending, hateful, when did this start? I get along with mostly everyone, but I have noticed some nastiness in the last year and I choose to not be part of it.

5. Cyber bullying – So this is what makes me scared to have kids. Nothing else. This. The fact that a 14 year old is being bullied so badly that they take their own life, on camera, is not ok. We are so lucky we didn’t have social media when we were at school. We were confronted with bullying to our faces and that was bad enough! To have people shaming you online in front of thousands of people, when you haven’t done anything to deserve it is just disgusting. I really hope something can be done, we need some cyber police to actually punish the culprits and make examples of them so this stops. Teen suicide rates are the highest they’ve been ever, and it needs to stop!


What are you happy to see the end of?



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  1. January 22, 2017 / 7:00 am

    Here’s to a happy, kind, healthy, loving 2017!

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