About GI Jane

I love sport. I’ve taken part in some version of sport (every one I could find) my whole life.

If I wasn’t on the hockey field or at the beach I was warming up for a gala or hitting the gym. Offering friendly advise and training tips to friends and family came naturally to me.
So when it came time to choose a career path, the choice was obvious – Sport Science.
After finishing my Honours in Exercise Science, I went overseas for a year to investigate the fitness options on offer abroad.

Filled with a renewed enthusiasm and passion for fitness and healthy living, I returned to SA and started working at Virgin Active (a relationship that would last 5 years).
But still, I felt like I was missing something. There was a need that wasn’t being met.

For a lot of women, returning to gym is A Big Deal. They might be new moms, or just coming out of a break – either way, they feel a little self conscious, unsure of the place their bodies are in. So at the beginning of 2012 I started my private, ladies only studio.

What felt like a huge leap of faith turned out to be the most rewarding year of my life. Helping women get back to their comfortable place, to fall in love with their bodies again, and see the joy in their faces when they could lift more, run further and stand taller has made every ounce of pink paint worth it.

To find out how my journey can help yours, contact me!