Dear body

Dear body

Dear Body: I have realised something through being pregnant – I didn’t appreciate my body.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that I thought so badly of you.

I’m sorry that I spoke to you like trash.

I’m sorry that the words I used were always negative and degrading.

I’m sorry that I spoke so badly to you that I wouldn’t even have spoken to another person like that.

I’m sorry that I thought you weren’t good enough.

I’m sorry that I looked at you and pulled a face.

I’m sorry that I wasn’t happy with you.

I’m sorry that I thought you weren’t “in shape” or “too fat”.

I’m sorry that I judged you.

I’m sorry that I compared you to others.

I’m sorry I was insecure of my stomach and thought it was too squishy.

I’m sorry I didn’t give you more love.

I’m sorry I didn’t appreciate you more.

I’m sorry I didn’t tell you that you were more than good enough as you were.

I’m sorry I would complain about the small amount of cellulite I had.

I’m sorry that I didn’t appreciate how strong you were.

I’m sorry that I didn’t appreciate how fit you were.

I’m sorry I didn’t always love what I saw in the mirror.

I’m sorry I covered up my imperfections.

I’m sorry I made you feel less than.

I’m sorry.


I have learnt so much from this journey, mostly that there was nothing wrong with my body. It was strong, fit, beautiful and more than enough!

Some of these photos I felt so self conscious posting on social media at the time, yet now I look at them and I am so proud of that body! I am envious of myself!

Pregnancy is a lesson in letting go of control over your body, but not too much because you really don’t have an excuse to eat for two and let yourself go, it is all about maintaining your health while growing a child. So while I know I look amazing for this journey, *pat on the back for being able to compliment myself for a change, it has been VERY hard not having complete control over what is happening.

At least I have learnt that I actually rocked my body before, and I love her and I want to honour her and get back to her when I can. I love being active and eating an 80-20 lifestyle because it is my way of respecting my body but also respecting a happy life as well. I am never going to have a six pack, or compete in a fitness comp, or preach about a new diet, because that is not ME! I am a normal girl, living a normal lifestyle that I can maintain year in and year out. There are no quick fixes or fads here!

So, dear body:

You are LOVED

You are appreciated

You are worthy

You are strong

You are beautiful

and you will be my top priority for self love after this.

Dear Body
I was so self conscious I wore a full costume in Greece
Dear Body
Even wearing a full costume I felt SO self conscious of my legs here!
Dear Body
I was self conscious about my arms, yet this is a beautiful pic!
Dear Body
Look at what my body did in Dublin!!
Dear Body
I am never caught dead in a crop top, and I felt so self conscious of this photo, but look what I did for the first time ever!!
Dear Body
My body is amazing. It can do amazing things. I am now proud of this!

So ladies, love your body as it is right now! We are always looking at the future to make it better but we are missing out on the NOW!

Having the body I have right now during pregnancy, feeling how I am feeling, I miss my body! I miss it so much, and I wish I had appreciated it more and shown it more love.

I will make it up to my body. I will give her all the love and friendship and compassion that she deserves.

From August, it’s her and me! Women’s month is all about me and my bestie, my body.

Who will join me?


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  1. Gillian Morris
    May 30, 2019 / 12:26 pm

    Brilliant post. Lovely images. You look amazing!

    • GI_Jane
      May 30, 2019 / 5:11 pm

      Thanks so much. These pictures are all from a year or more ago 🙂

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