Fashion Friday with Fayinthemaze

Fashion Friday with Fayinthemaze

What are you looking forward to wearing most now that it’s warmer?

I must admit I really enjoy winter fashion. I love the boots, wearing jackets and really liked all the long cardigans and knits. Now that it’s warmer I’m looking forward to dresses and skirts. Even though it’s always difficult for me to find my length.


What are your favourite accessories right now?

My favourite accessories will always be rings. Right now I like the signet ring that is trending. I am also loving vertical drop necklaces, long drop pendants and layering quirky, thinner necklaces.


What trend are you most looking forward to?

Most looking forward to the utility/ urban safari trend. The neutral palette paired with bold African and exotic prints. I’m looking forward to incorporating more shades of green into my wardrobe. I’m not always comfortable with dark, army green but perhaps mint, teal and emerald green.


What trend do you want to stay?

I’m hoping the military/ army look sticks around, It would be great heading back in Autumn too.I never thought I would be into the fringing trend that is so big right now, I realised that I really love it in small doses or just restricted to accessories. Fringing is also as 70s as I’m prepared to go right now, really not looking forward to a resurgence of bell bottoms and sleeves. So fringe can stay too, it’s my compromise.


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