Getting to know Fathima Kathrada

Getting to know Fathima Kathrada

I found NoodlesNDoodles on twitter one day and it took us over a year but we eventually met in real life. Fathima is the most talented artist, I just love seeing her new drawings and doodles on instagram. She also does the most awesome free printable calendars that get delivered right into your inbox! So either way, you should definitely check out her blog.

Lets get to know Fathima Kathrada:

What does healthy mean to you?
Healthy to me means keeping your body in a state that’s good for your medical health, to prevent health issues that arise from bad eating habits and weight problems. It also means maintaining your mental and spiritual health through mindfulness, self awareness and constant self improvement. And also just being a healthy, positive kind of personality for others to be around.


What is your chosen form of exercise?
I like to go to the gym for my workouts, as opposed to running, etc (I do not run, unless I’m being chased ;). At the gym I like to do a mix of classes, i.e. pilates, zumba, shape, etc. That keeps things going all round, from flexibility to weight and resistance training and cardio interval training. I also dabble in yoga, but at home.


What does your way of healthy eating look like?
Healthy eating for me is eating everything in moderation according to the benefits and/or drawbacks of each food, and trying as far as possible to eat mostly natural unprocessed foods, not things that are full of chemicals and weird stuff. The only thing I’ve cut out is sugar (I’ve switched to xylitol), but can’t honestly say I’ve felt any difference from doing that. I try to keep carbs low, have healthy fats, decent amount of protein and lots of good veggies. Treats are allowed, but in moderation. I won’t eat it for the sake of it, but if I’m really feeling for it then I’ll have it and enjoy it. I had gotten into a bad habit of food being a kind of hobby and source of happiness, and I’ve since reverted to the mindset that food is fuel to be eaten when needed, and only eat enough to be satisfied.


What is your passion project?
My passion project… is all the creative stuff I try to keep going on the side that makes me little or no money, haha. One example of this is my Instagram daily doodle project where I experiment and play around a bit. My latest one is called Illustration Exploration and basically involves me creating a piece of art and hiding it somewhere around Durban, in plain sight. I share clues on twitter and snapchat to help people find it, or a lucky stranger could find it. My way of spreading some unexpected happiness with no strings attached.


What does a typical day look like for you?
My typical day generally involves me waking up and going straight to gym. Then I get home, get coffee and breakfast and sit down to work. I might catch up on social media while I eat my breakfast, and then get straight into work after. Once or twice a week I like to work from coffee shops, so it would be more or less the same routine with more driving and a different environment. I tend to hit a bit of a slump in the afternoons, so I rest a bit, maybe have a nap (I’m a big believer in the benefits of napping). Evenings are for dinner, prayer, reading, some TV. Then back into work for a while, usually ’til quite late.


What would you like people to know about you?
What would I like people to know about me… I love meeting new people! I find people are often a bit reluctant to expand their circles, but meeting new people opens up worlds of serendipity and new possibilities, which makes me quite excited. However, being more of an introvert, it is a bit of a conscious effort on my part and I may not always come across as friendly as I’d like to because I’m too busy fighting the awkwardness in my mind.


What would you like people to know about your work/business?
I’m a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, and I love working with people who have a creative vision for their projects and are passionate about what they do. I’m always open to collaborations and trying new things. I work with lots of small businesses as well as design and social media agencies.
Favourite workout song
Hmmm… I don’t have a single favourite since when working out at gym classes I’m not usually in control of the music, but anything fast paced with some pumping bass generally helps keep me going.


Favourite exercise and why?
At the moment I’m enjoying planks and variations, i.e. side planks, etc. I like how you can really feel it afterwards, I love post-workout soreness 🙂


Favourite quote/advice?
My favourite simple advice is “just do it” and my favourite quote at the moment is “every person is a door to a new world”.


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