It’s ok to not like yourself all the time…

It’s ok to not like yourself all the time…

It’s ok to not feel like you have it all together. 
It’s ok to feel unprepared for the year. 
It’s ok to feel angry. It’s ok to feel sad. 
It’s ok to want a do-over of 2020. 
It’s ok to feel grief. 
It’s ok to feel ok as well. 2020 was a shitshow and we are all allowed to say that and feel that.

Yes, we have to be grateful for what we DO have, but I’m not going to pretend to be this holier than thou spiritually enlightened light-beam pretending that I had a great 2020 and that we can’t feel negatively about it, because that wouldn’t be REAL. 

Instead, let’s all leave the shit in 2020 and try manifest as great a 2021 as we can. No giant expectations, just set the intention to have the best year we can have and focus on what we CAN control. We can’t stress about what we can’t control.  

I only run my signature 8 week e-course every quarter now, so I have enough time to personally respond to every email and question I get each week. I love being able to help you dig through a topic or thought pattern you uncover and pull a bit of a Veronica Mars and investigate the source with you. I think helping create AHA moments are my FAVourite part of this! 

My first cycle of the year starts 1st of February and its the perfect time to start this since we are now in Aquarius season! A time when we can really have a thirst for knowledge and self improvement, so this timing is so great for us. All you need is 10-20mins per day, or catch up on weekends when you have more time. 

8 weeks of content delivered to your inbox every Sunday night like a little gift. A curated collection of videos, podcasts, meditations, journal prompts, mantras and a song all themed to the week. Just deep enough to make you think, but not too deep to give you anxiety thinking about what you’ll uncover! That will be when I launch version 2.0 😉  

If that sounds like something you’d like to start your year off with, I have 4 spots left! I like to keep it manageable because I am available on email every day, so I like being able to have the time to answer back and forth with each of you for the 8 weeks. I look forward to helping you feel a little bit more positive, a little bit happier and a lot more loving towards your body!  

Here are a few testimonials from our last cycle:

“Unselfishly Me enabled me to unlock some inner thinking, that led me towards better routines, and an improved sense of wellbeing. Not just on the outside, but on the inside too.” 

“Jane’s ability to gather and share resources that truly help to sharpen your self love is incomparable!” 

“Through Unselfishly Me, I found a new sense of self care. It’s not just bubble baths! It’s about doing the real work to reaffirm your own sense of self.”

 “It’s easy to think about treating yourself. It’s harder to think about making time to really work on how you treat yourself through your thinking and daily habits. Unselfishly Me helped me do just that.” 

“Adopting a revised way of thinking for yourself, and of yourself, isn’t a one-day mission. It’s a journey, you get to enjoy, for yourself.” 

You can sign up here

 If you have any questions please email

Stay safe and healthy, and I hope to see you in class!



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