Join my January Challenge

Join my January Challenge

R20 per workout is an amazing deal!

R350 for 6 weeks, with 18 workouts total. It really is a great deal for moving your body and staying safe at the same time 💗 

I have been doing these challenges for a year now! Can you believe it?? It is my favourite thing and as much as I miss training clients in person, I am so grateful I started last January before lockdown etc because it has created such a beautiful community and I am so lucky I get to reach ladies overseas as well as other cities I wouldn’t get the chance to. 

When do we start? 
25 January

When do you pay?
Between now and the 25th

Where is it?
In a private Facebook group

What do we need?
Mostly bodyweight, but a few bands from MR P or Game etc

How do we book?

It’s 6 weeks and I post 3 workouts per week. They’re super beginner friendly but also hard enough if you’re more advanced because you can make it into a circuit or add another round. 

I choose 5 exercises and put those videos together. You can do 3 sets of each then move on or do all as a circuit then repeat x3. 

It’s mostly body weight with a few bands from MR Price etc. 

All from the comfort and safety of your lounge 😷

Workouts are posted the night before so you can workout Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or even on weekends. Whatever works for you! All in your own time.

I also email a sheet for you to print and tick off the workouts as you go so you remember which to do.

You can pay via zapper or eft!

Email to book your spot 💜

The nice thing is that they really are fun exercises! It’s not scary, it is beginner friendly and the Facebook group is amazing.

Email me if you want to book your spot!

See you on Instagram @gijanefit @unselfishlyme and Facebook


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