My ladies lockdown home training is here!

My ladies lockdown home training is here!

My 6 week home workout challenge has been going since January and this is going to be my 3rd one now. I love it SO much! The ladies are always so motivational and supportive of each other, and they are just such joys to have onboard. I love helping people who really want to help themselves. They put in the work and have fun with it, I’m just the catalyst they needed to get them to start.

We are starting on Monday 4th of May and it runs in a private Facebook group. I post a new workout 3 times a week and they’re about 20mins in time. I depends how fast you go and how many breaks you take, but it is really fun exercises and not intimidating at all! It is very beginner friendly with instructions and the videos are really easy to follow along.

You get 18 workouts over 6 weeks for just R350!! I made it affordable so that everyone has access to movement.

I would love you to join me!

If not, please share this with friends and family that might be interested? This is my only income now that I can’t do Secret Sunrise or clients in person, so I would really appreciate the support!

If you have any questions email

Thank you all so much, and stay safe!




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