Love Local – Silly Billy

Love Local – Silly Billy

This beautiful Durban brand is not only beautiful but affordable too! Per Pey is actually a little brand ambassador for them and she looks SO cute in their clothes. I love that they are such a family brand and all done locally. I would love you to support them as they support me! Lets get to know SIllyBilly!

Tell us about your background in Durban

I was born in Zimbabwe, moved to SA when I was 13 and settled in Durban. I am married to Ronny. I have three children, Jason married to Amy, Megan married to Deon, my Down Syndrome daughter Michaela and grandson Scott AKA Scotty (our gorgeous boy model). 

When did you start your brand?

July 2018. Megan fell pregnant and I wanted some baby things that were  unique and yet affordable. After making some clothes for Megan’s baby shower I got this reaction….”Why don’t you make to sell?” With some nudging and encouraging from my husband and children I thought “mmmmm why not?” That was a lightbulb moment. SillyBilly was born!

Tell us about your brand

SillyBilly/SillyBillie is spelt two ways. We use two labels – when a boys item is made we use the “y” and when a girls item is made we use the “ie”. We create boys and girls bloomers, headbands, rompers, harems and our new apron dresses that we have just launched. Our unisex rompers have been a hit in that we have used ShweShwe fabrics to create something unique,  colourful and different. 

Megan attended Art school and specialises in graphics. She decided she wanted to create something that wasn’t only amazing, but that made a difference. We brainstormed a product that would not only bring joy to a child, but also assist a need. The Macnilly doll was born. Each doll is sewn from scratch. Their faces are hand painted by Megan and lovingly packed into a beautiful hand sewn gift bag. We have teamed up with an organisation called Downsideup SA.  A support group created by Jess Roberts who has a 4 year old Down Syndrome son named Luke. All our dolls are named after Down Syndrome children. It is a NPO of which R25 from each doll’s sale goes to the association to create awareness for people with and without Down Syndrome. An organisation extremely close to our hearts. 

What is your favourite thing about your brand?

Seeing our clothes come to life. From a piece of folded fabric on the store shelf to the finished product on a baby. To see Moms getting creative at a cost that is affordable for all. That excites me!

What would you like people to know about your brand?

We work entirely on our own. It starts with purchasing fabric, cutting, pinning, sewing, packaging and sending it off. All done by me. 

Megan does my social media and the face behind all my pages. She is the brains behind colours and choices that we make. Michaela assists me in the studio making Baby teethers. She has her own Instagram page called Beany biters. She makes our pom poms for the Macnilly dolls and keeping me going with copious cups of coffee!

Jason and Amy are always on hand (they live in Australia) to offer advice when I ask them. Their excitement about the brand from afar keeps me going. And when working late my husband pours me gin 😉 So as you can see it’s a family affair! 

How can people support you?

By thinking out the box! We don’t always need to stick to the usual Blue and Pink. Dressing your baby in funky colours, dots, stripes, leopard print,  sunflowers, lemons and bees, to name a few. Then of course, rounding off with a gorgeous Macnilly doll. Our dolls have more than once been bought for adults to love and flower girls’ to carry at a wedding. That’s what I mean by thinking out the box! Head onto our pages and browse through our online store. You will be surprised as to what you will find.  

Everything is done locally and as the saying goes “LOCAL IS LEKKER”.

Where can they stalk you on social media?

We are on Facebook and Instagram

Give DownsideUpSA a follow on Instagram

I really hope my story will inspire others to do, not only what they love, but to drive to fulfil dreams for yourself, family and others in need. 
I’ve attached a picture of Scott and I, my inspiration behind SillyBilly.  

Silly Billy
Silly Billy

Go check them out online:


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