Love Local – Wicked Donuts

Love Local – Wicked Donuts

If you live in Durban then you have definitely heard of Wicked Donuts! You should have tasted them as well! A beautiful home grown brand, with an amazing story of determination and drive. Here’s a little more about this delicious treat we crave so much!

Tell us a bit about your background in Durban?

I was born and raised in Durban. I was a beautician for 11 years, which is what most people in Durban know me for.

When did you start your business brand?

I started Wicked Donuts at the end of 2014, while still operating a little beauty business. I would wake extra early to make a batch of 24 donuts for Whatsapp orders before I’d head to my job at a Hair Salon called Fusion.

Tell us about your brand

It all started with a conversation with my best friend Gina Nielson of 9th Avenue Waterside. I was always a great lover of eating donuts, but I had never considered making them before that conversation. It started with a curiosity about baking, and a deep yearning to shift the trajectory of my life. I was ready for a new challenge and Wicked Donuts certainly came with many of those. From whatsapp orders and a little table at the local markets, we grew from there. I was really lucky, some people say I worked really hard. I did, but I believe I was lucky too. I found out people liked donuts as much as I do, and to my surprise they came looking for me. It never ceases to amaze me.

What is your favourite thing about your brand?

We started with orders, and still do online gifting today. My favourite part of the business is when people share pictures of our donuts at their events. I catch myself smiling all the time whenever they do. We see the donuts leave the bakery, but itโ€™s beautiful to see them at birthdays, and happy occasions, making people smile.

What would you like people to know about your brand?
We are a local, homegrown brand. A family business that started right here in good old Durbs. We start at 2am every morning, 7 days a week and make old fashioned, yeast raised donuts fresh each morning with our signature dough recipe. We have our own recipe for dough, our glazes and custard, which makes our donuts have their own unique flavours and tastes. We use quality ingredients – real butter and Nutella to create decadent donuts.

What do you love about living and working in Durban?
We are so fortunate to have mild weather! Waking early is much easier when you donโ€™t have to break ice to get out the door. Lol. We have made so many friends along the way and have grown only as a result of the support and outpouring of love we have had from our Durban community. Without Durban embracing us as it has we would not exist as we do today. Iโ€™ve gotta say I love the people, for cheering me on all the way.

How can people support you?

We have 3 stores: in Durban North at Astra Centre, at the Pavilion Food Court and in the Florida Exchange Building on Florida Road. Our donuts are available to pre-order for delivery or collection. We are on the Mr D Food app, where available and on an expansion with Kwikspar.

Where can they stalk you on social media?

Facebook โ€“ Wicked Donuts

Instagram – @wickeddonuts

I saw this post on Facebook and got in touch to do this blog! How special is this story!

Wicked donuts

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    Thank you! This is so lovely ๐Ÿ˜! Thank you for featuring us on your blog! We really appreciate it!

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