Loving yourself during Lockdown

This Sunday I’m doing an Unselfishly Me Live Connect session on loving yourself during lockdown!

I’ll be talking about how to love yourself more, how to make time for yourself during this time, why it’s important, how to keep the anxiety at bay, how to add some self care and little hacks I’ve started doing! We will also do a guided meditation, some journal prompts and I’ll pick an affirmation card for you as well. It’s really fun and been the highlight of my week every week!

If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about (which is possible since I’m not sure I’ve blogged about it), I have been doing online talks every Sunday afternoon! We have been doing a different topic every time.

It started with Negative self talk and how to stop that, then we did journaling 101 and this last weekend we did Manifesting 101! That was a goodie!! They were all amazing and the ladies have been getting so much out of it. I’m going to be repeating them if you missed it just email me and I’ll let you know the dates!

So if you’re battling a bit with making time for yourself, exhausted from homeschooling, bored and your mind is wondering, anxious at the state of the world or just realized that you haven’t done something for YOU in ages, then join me for 45mins of YOU and learning something that can potentially change your life!!!

Saturday we are repeating Journaling 101 at 11am.

Sunday is Loving yourself in lockdown at 3pm.

The cost is just R100pp!!

After this week I’ll be putting out a monthly schedule with two sessions and topics per month.

Email to book!

I would LOVE to have you join me so we can connect!




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