My retreats go National!

My retreats go National!

I am finally coming to Joburg and Cape Town!

You have been asking me for years, and I finally said yes, in a pandemic, crazy I know!

So here’s where I need YOUR help. Please share this with a friend? I really want to come up and I need 7 more people for each!

I’m not planning this for next year, because toddler and logistics, so take advantage.

I know Joburg is in crisis now, and your mind is in survival mode, but I think September will be between the two waves and we wear masks and space out, so my retreats have all been safe since the pandemic started! We have had 3 since last November and all have been safe and no problems. I am the most pedantic person and wear a mask full time, so you will be safe.


You can email (not dot coza) and chat for more info!

I am sending out a video about the topics we talk about, activities etc if you’d like to receive the video fill in your details here

I hope you’ll join me!


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