The team over at Gateway theatre of shopping put together an awesome day for a few of us to get to know what gateway offers, and how you can pack a full day of action in at the shopping centre. Judging from the AMAZING invite we each got, I knew it was going to be just as awesome with amazing attention to detail. I really wasn’t wrong…


We started off at my favourite coffee shop in Gateway, So Whipped (Obviously I was thrilled with this coffee stop!)

Candice put on a fabulous breakfast high tea and we ate ALL OF THE THINGS! I basically know the menu backwards, so I was all about eating everything!

Yes, you are correct, that is a MINI CRONUT! Her barone cronuts are incredible……

Squad be like……


Bowling, when last? I really can’t remember the last time I actually went bowling. This was SO fun! It’s one of those times when you sit there thinking “Why haven’t I done this in so long?!”

I ended up winning highest score for the girls! Don’t know how I pulled that off but it was so fun.

Mr Andy Carrie in action!

After bowling we went outside to go action karting. The boys within the boys/men really did come out. I had actually totally forgotten that the karting was still at gateway, so this was such a great reminder!


Miss Thando rocking that bull ride!

My prize for being top scoring lady!

Warehouse sessions! It isn’t as easy as it looks, but oh so fun!

We got to make our own phone cases at iKase. It only takes about 15min to make so you can go shopping while its being made. I

Our last stop was the iPlanet golf just outside. It is a virtual golf experience, so you can perfect that swing without breaking any windows or losing any balls 😉

Such a fun day with an awesome bunch of people!


Lunch platters from Mozambik!



Thank you to Gateway for the awesome day and to all of the sponsors for looking after us so well all day!

Their last stop was Beluga for sushi lessons, which I’m really sad I had to miss but I heard everyone had the best time!

You can see more pictures by searching #MyGateway on instagram and twitter!



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