The famous Oia

The Oia Caldera view has always been a bucket list view and sight to see, so we had to do a night there. Well it is so expensive so we opted for one night. But it was SO worth it!

We stayed at the Big Blue VillaIt’s an apartment with a jacuzzi pool outside and an amazing view! It cost us almost around R5000 for the night and it came with breakfast, which we didn’t realize. 


I mean really



This view was a pinch me moment every single time!



Could not have been more perfect



Just living out my dreams. NBD



It’s a short walk up some steep stairs to the main walk way that has plenty of restaurants and shops. 

Be prepared to walk many many stairs. Like 300 if you want to go to the bottom and swim. We walked down to the bottom and around the corner to where everyone was swimming and jumping off a giant rock. It was so hot everyone was trying to escape the heat. It seemed like a great idea at the time, until we had to walk 300-ish steps back up!


The reward after 300 steps down


Even around the town it’s a lot of cobble stones and uneven steps so you get out of breath a lot. Nothing made me feel unfit like those steep cobbled stairs! 

But what about the sunset?

The sunset is beautiful! It’s really famous and people come from all over the world to view it from Oia. You can to basically get to the viewing area an hour before if you want a great spot, we didn’t and we still managed to squeeze into a spot that was ok to view it. Real talk: everyone told me that it was so magical that everyone claps and it’s such a vibe. Don’t expect this, because it doesn’t always happen 😂 No one clapped when we saw it in Oia so I was expecting it and nothing came!


The famous sunset



The end of the sunset before we raced off back to our place


We rushed back to our apartment so we could hop into the pool and see the rest of the sun going down. It probably would’ve been amazing watching the whole sunset from there. Where we were positioned we wouldn’t have had the same sunset view as where we walked around to the restaurants etc. There’s a reason they’re positioned that side of the cliffs, because they have the best sunset view and can therefore make a lot of money for dinners! 


Late night swims with this view…Priceless!



This was about 50 steps from our apartment!


We had a gyro late afternoon for lunch and then a gelato for dinner basically because we were so full. That helped us to save money and we were still ok. Obviously if I was hungry I would buy something but I managed ok. 


Always a yes


Getting there isn’t too bad from Fira. We stayed in Fira as our base and then hired a 4 wheeler and drove the island. You could even rent a car from Fira and drive through or take the bus like we did for €1.80 each way. We had planned to do Oia on our last night in Santorini so that we had a nice fancy place to stay before we left. End on a high I say! I’m really glad we did that because it was nice to end on a proper bucket list view and apartment and also gave us less time to drag our bags around with us. 

It is VERY difficult finding your accommodation, so make sure you make a meeting time with your host and they will have a porter meet you. We would never have found ours or managed with our bags!


By staying down below the “day tourist” line I could take this pic on top of our apartment. You’re not meant to stand on roofs but since it was our own it was ok.




You’ll see lots of signs saying don’t enter or stand on top of the roof, because random day tourists would go stand on people’s houses!




The views honestly felt like a dream come true!




Yes I planned this outfit for Greece…


All in all I highly recommend visiting Oia if it is on your list. It was beautiful and everything I had dreamed of! You can visit for the day if you’re not set on staying over; and you’ll love it just the same. You can stay in Fira or Imerovigli on the side of the cliff as well and they should be much cheaper! 




Santorini airport is TINY. Don’t get there too early or you’ll be sitting outside (at a nice coffee shop) for hours. It’s about the size of Virginia Airport. It might even be worth your while taking a ferry if you’ve got time. I was flying to Athens to then wait 6 hours for my flight to Zakynthos. Did I mention I chose the midnight flight? Nick was flying home so his flight from Santorini was 8pm. So we got there around 5pmish. So you can imagine how bored I was after that! Lesson learnt! 


Tiny enough for you to queue outside for your flight!

Luckily there was wifi, plug points and I had a book too! I had already lived my bucket list Greek adventure, so now to be heading to a week of yoga and relaxation after was just an added bonus.

Here is a video of the apartment if you want to check it out click here!

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Do you think you’d want to visit Oia?


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