Secret Sunrise Yoga Edition

Secret Sunrise Yoga Edition

Secret Sunrise Yoga Edition is new to the Secret Sunrise family

Secret Sunrise Yoga is an edition that started out as a once off farewell for one of our instructors, who happens to be an incredible yoga teacher! She was going off for her annual Zanzibar work trip, which is roughly 3 months long, so we thought we would try something new.


It was so well received that we were asked to do another one the next month. So we did. That happened again, so we decided to do a SS Yoga Edition once a month in addition to our usual epic Secret Sunrise/Sunset dances!

SS Yoga is so awesome because where else can you do yoga outside, listening to music and be completely in awe of your beautiful city? The beauty of it, is that with the headsets, you are so completely engrossed in your own world. This helps you focus on yourself and what you’re doing, and not on the others around you. I personally find that with Secret Sunrise in general, I’m never comparing myself to others. It comes from being in your own bubble with the headsets.

I love that this gives yoga a more fun side. A more relaxed side. We’ve had plenty of people trying yoga out for the first time and LOVING it! You feel as if the teacher is right next to you, instead of trying to strain to hear what they said.

It really is an awesome experience that you should try!


*Also, that sunrise though!

Secret SunriseSecret SunriseSecret SunriseSecret SunriseSecret Sunrise

Secret Sunrise


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*We are doing a special once off FITness Edition this Friday!


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