How to stick to New Years resolutions 

How to stick to New Years resolutions 

How do you stick to New Year’s Resolutions?


That’s easy, don’t have any! 

Now is the time when everyone starts saying New Year, New You! But is all crap. It’s a new year but the same you. Why would you want to change you? You are awesome, you are special, you are YOU!

How to stick to New Year's resolutions


You just need to become the best version of yourself   



New Year’s resolutions evoke a sense of failure if you don’t achieve them in the year. You already have a built in fear that it won’t work out, so rather don’t put that pressure on yourself. Rather set GOALS. Goals are something to work towards. Short, medium, and long term goals. You can plan them according to your lifestyle and as they are something to work towards, you are more likely to make the small changes to reach them. Goals are ongoing. Not just a resolution.

How to stick to New Year's resolutions


Goals challenge you. Goals change you.


Make goals that are attainable. Don’t plan for 5 days of gym a week if you know you are more likely to make it 3 days only. Rather plan for 3 days, so you feel positive about your achievement. If you keep failing to reach your 5 day goal, your mind is already in a negative space.



Make small, realistic goals for yourself.

  1. I will be active 3 days a week
  2. I will drink more water
  3. I will be more active outdoors
  4. I will give myself at least one hour a week of alone time
  5. I will try spinning



Those simple goals are realistic and achievable. One could argue that resolutions are goals, but they are different in their context and planning. Everyone wants to set resolutions and feel the need to because everyone else is doing it. Resolutions are changing a habit that you are already doing, whereas goals are more about heading towards something else, or achieving something you haven’t done before.

Whatever way you feel comfortable tracking your goals, do that. You can have a star chart (You are NEVER too old) if you are into stationery, on your computer, a pinboard, wherever you like as long as it is visible to you.

What are your goals for 2016?

Go out there and SMASH THEM!



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