The Totalsports Women’s Race is almost here!

The Totalsports Women’s Race is almost here!

I love doing these fun runs because not only are they fun, obvs, but they give you something to work towards whether you’re going to walk 5km or train and work towards running it, or attempt your first 10km, it is a great way to give you a goal to work on your fitness. There is nothing better than a fun goal right?!

There are so many women in the same boat as you and it feels so special when you’re all cheering each other along to keep going. It’s like having your own sea of pink cheerleaders! Women uniting as hype girls for each other, we really are a force of nature.

This whole event is even MORE special this year because they are doing all the races around SA on the SAME DAY! Yes, this year it is on WOMEN’S DAY! I mean if that doesn’t scream women empowerment I don’t know what does. Side note: it is my birthday that day, so if you see me you better shout and hug me and sing 😉

You can choose between 5kms or 10kms and join South African women raising awareness around breast cancer for PinkDrive.

Women's race
Women's race
Women's race
Women's race

Even if you don’t think you’re ready, I promise you will enjoy it! Sign up and walk it, there are so many of us walking and because I will just have got doctor’s clearance I will be walking as well. You can set yourself little goals, like walk for 500m and run for 20m, and repeat. Then next year you can do a little bit more. It is a fun way to test yourself and do something with likeminded women!

You can sign up on their website

Find them on:




Let me know if you’re signing up, I want to see who is thinking pink this year!


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