Unselfishly Me Retreats

Unselfishly Me Retreats

I decided to end 2019 with a December retreat, and start 2020 with a January one!

Quite risky being the end of the year, and then starting the year when no one has money, but it worked out so well! I think it was just what they all needed to put themselves first, and by paying for it a few months before, it was a welcome treat when the time came.

Every retreat is so special, because the women we have are each such gems! Everyone is so different, yet the same. It’s a greater reminder that we all have the same issues. Most of us don’t feel good enough in one way or another, and so being together in this environment and talking about these things and working on them really makes you realise that you are not alone.

It is the most healing space at Brambleberry Lodge in the midlands. The retreat is all about relaxing, recharging, putting yourself first and learning to set boundaries where you know you deserve a time out and it’s ok to want it!

I give you the permission to be yourself and to relax into that throughout the weekend.

Our next one is 8-10 May and I would love you to join us!

Here are some highlights:

Pey loving her swing life
This view is just so calming
The log cabin vibe is so special
My fav! WeAreFood is my go to for catering
Veg lasagne and artisanal bread on a chilly night!
It’s just so delish!
Thank you to Wholesome Harvest Earth for our breakfast muesli!
Every gift bag is different for different retreats!
Some are sponsored and some are my own products, I’ll link to them at the end!
Yes you are! Artful Biscuit Co order, standard each retreat! So beautiful and so delicious.
December gals!
January gals!
There’s fireside meditations
Listening to a meditation while walking back
Guided meditation in the forest
Morning stretches
Morning affirmations
Dancing in the trees
Quiet moments
Fireplace moods with these Soil Ornaments (They smelt like Christmas)
Books and bubbles! The perfect wind down each day! I used this Hall’s hand soap as bubble bath, win!
Come and join us!

It really is the perfect balance of alone time, and being around others. Reading in your room, reading outside, having a glass of wine watching the sunset, going for a meander after lunch, you do what your heart wants to do!

I am so grateful that I get to do this!

Email jane@gijane.co.za for more info

Thank you to Wholesome Harvest Earth, Flowers and Leaves, Patrick Holford, Nature’s Delicacies, Soil Organic, Hall’s Retail, Mermaids and Unicorn, We Are Food and Unselfishly Me for the support and help!


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