What dads should know

Becoming a mom has been quite the eye opener! I have asked on Instagram stories for quite a few blogposts so that I can share them with you.

This is crowd sourced from a range of moms and I think they’re a lot of things we never ask or have never asked, so this way you can share it with the dads so they know what you want.

What a mom wants a dad to know:

Take pics of us without us asking. We are always the ones taking pictures of the baby or you and the baby. How bout you do the same? Pics of us sleeping with the baby. Cute ones. Candid. All of the pictures! We don’t want to have to ask. Just do it!

Take videos of us with the baby. Ones where we don’t know you’re filming. Ones where we do know you’re filming. Take videos!

Offer help

Offer to take them for 30mins so we can bath, walk, breathe, go out.

Once a week give us a half day. Just half a day!

Notice how we are doing. Really look and take note. We don’t want to have to ask all the time. We don’t want to seem weak. We try to hold it together and appear like we’re fine, but we’re not. You could also notice if we have post natal depression before we do.

Feed us! We are in a bubble of feeding, changing, burping, sleeping. We are not thinking about ourselves. We are not thinking about you. We are only thinking about the baby. WE DON’T EVEN REMEMBER IF WE BRUSHED OUR TEETH! Just bring us tea, coffee, toast, lunch, don’t even ask just bring and come bring and come.

Make sure there’s a water bottle next to us at all times. Keep topping that sucker up. This is thirsty work!

Offer to do a night feeding. We can express or a formula bottle or however we are doing it. If you offer, we will make a plan. You can say “Why don’t you go to bed after this feed and I’ll do the next, just leave the bottle and I’ll feed and bring them to bed after.” She will hug you so hard!!

Remember that this is not forever. They’re only little for so long. We need to focus on them and cherish these baby moments because they go so quickly. You will be a priority again, but it’s not your time right now.

We still love you, we just love them more right now…..

(Also check your ego at the door and just be supportive)


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