Women against Women

Women against Women

Why are there so many Women against Women?

The Women against Women epidemic is out of control! I believe that if more women loved themselves and worked on their inner most issues, mostly of not feeling good enough, then we wouldn’t have so many online bullies. The fact that so many women are bullying other women online just shows how much hurt and pain from childhood and past isn’t being worked on and it really is manifesting in the most ugly ways – especially projecting onto others.
Hurt people, hurt people.
Watching the video of Constance Hall pouring her heart out after getting trolled and bullied online so badly because she is going on Dancing with the Stars, made me sick to my stomach. The things these people were saying were nasty, uncalled for and disgusting. Sure there were probably a few males in there, but I bet you 90% were women. I say this because I see it DAILY! I am one of those people who go to Instagram posts and read all the comments, mostly because it is usually entertaining, and mostly because I literally cannot believe people have the balls to say these things! I would never comment on someone else’s space and say such horrific things. Even if I thought it in my head, not once have I actually put those thoughts into words on the screen. Of course these kinds of people are deeply hurt from their own past, deeply troubled and also VERY immature, but that is not an excuse! I wish more employers could see the tweets and Instagram comments these trolls publish so they could face actual consequences. Living in South Africa, I have noticed that overseas trolls are WAY worse than here, and I don’t know if it is because we are brought up differently? Our schools tend to have more discipline so perhaps there is more respect growing up here and therefore less trolling?


But I also saw the most horrific online bullying of Natalie Roos aka Tails of a Mermaid this week. I am not going to mention the troll’s name or Twitter handle because she doesn’t deserve any more publicity than she gave herself, but this woman was vile! Natalie opened up about her struggles with depression and she gave tips as to how she handles those times. (You can read that blogpost here) This woman decided to bash her and say that her lifestyle she posts on Instagram isn’t realistic and she doesn’t want her children to grow up thinking it is. She said a whole lot worse to both Natalie and her lovely boyfriend Keenan, and it got really ugly, from her side only. We were all SHOCKED! Natalie is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, and she is exactly the same online and in real life, which is very rare! She didn’t deserve that at all! Just because someone doesn’t post themselves during a week of depression, lying in bed with unwashed hair and unable to function, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen! You can’t please everyone, and I am pretty sure that trolls would be out for that post too!


I follow Natalie and love her content and don’t think she leads an unrealistic life. She is a travel blogger and she travels. She does work in exchange for trips, and she is very transparent about this. If she books her own trip then she comes back and sells the pics and writing to a travel magazine or brand. She works super hard for every trip she gets and instead of being jealous, you should be impressed and have respect for her. Her holiday isn’t a full holiday because every day is about generating content and taking photos and writing. So look at things differently from now on and know that you don’t have the talent, stamina or hustle to be able to do the same job.

Can we start praising each other more?

The world is already a sad and sick place, can we stop adding to that? Why would you want to! Why would you want to share the darkness instead of the light??


This needs to stop. You need to work on YOUR self worth and sort out your feelings of unworthiness and stop projecting it onto other people.
(Imagine if all these assholes did my self love course and actually loved themselves enough to be kind to others? I would be so happy to help change the world in that small way)


If you’re a trolling bitch, STOP THAT SHIT! If you are friends with a trolling bitch, CALL OUT THAT SHIT!


Rant over.




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  1. February 3, 2019 / 5:44 am

    Yes yes yes, a thousand times YES for everything you’ve said here.

    (And to think the troll actually said there is a difference between being sarcastic and being a bully and that she was sarcastic, not a bully.Uuuuurghh)

    • GI_Jane
      February 3, 2019 / 7:40 am

      She’s just trying to cover it up because there was NO way she was being sarcastic!

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